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Fueling 2-a-day workouts


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Hey everyone, posting this because I couldn't really find much searching through this forum about 2-a-day workouts specifically (if a thread already exists I apologize in advance and would appreciate a link though)!

I'm on day 8 and starting to get back to my normal training schedule - I took the first week relatively easy - and would like some help building a good meal plan/schedule.  Because of the conflicting guidance on trying to eat 3 big meals + pre and post workout snacks, but also the recommendation to not snack if you don't need to, is making this really confusing for me.  A typical day looks like this:

5:30am wakeup - handful of cashews or almonds

6am - workout 1 (usually a run or bike)

PWO - usually I just go straight into breakfast or have a banana or something while making breakfast

8/8:30 - breakfast: coffee, veg. frittata, berries, sometimes if extra hungry I'll add starchy veg. and avocado or spoonful of almond butter

11:30/12 - lunch: meat + veg (ex. leftover pulled pork and roasted veggies + cauli rice, or beef + veg chili w/ sweet potato), fruit

3:30 - snack, like an apple or carrots + nuts

5pm - workout 2 (sometimes another cardio like a bike or swim, but usually strength training like crossfit, or yoga)

PWO - RX bar or lara bar before shower/making dinner (before whole30, I would have collagen protein mixed into OJ, or banana + pb)

7pm - dinner: meat + non-starchy veg + starchy veg + fat

8-9pm - sometimes before bed I'll have tea + frozen mango or berries 

It seems like enough food, almost too much, and I don't really feel hungry during the day but sometimes in the evening I've been getting pretty hungry, even this past week when I was for the most part only doing 1 workout per day.  And, I know I know - postworkout I probably should be getting more protein and using RX/lara bars only for emergencies, but eating meat+potatoes post workout is supremely NOT appetizing to me and I would rather get in some fuel than none at all.  But obviously I'm open to suggestions or I wouldn't be posting this so I appreciate any and all comments!


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Post Workout should have some lean protein and some high carb veggies.  Bring a small cooler bag with a block of ice in it and a hunk of rotisserie chicken and baked sweet potato. You only need a few bites of each. If you absolutely won't bring real food with you, an EPIC bar is better than a larabar or RXBar.

Pre and Post WO meals are different than snacks. You want to go at least 4 hours between meals, so if you're getting hungry sooner (true hunger -- you would eat something bland like sardines and broccoli), add more food to your lunch.  Are you eating 2 palm sized portions of meat? You probably need it with your activity.  It's very common to nosh because of habit, so make a point to always assess whether you're hungry. We also recommend you not eat fruit alone as it will keep your sugar dragon very much alive.

If you are very active, you may even need a 4th full meal. That's perfectly fine.

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