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Not Hungry - Day 12


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Hi there, I am on Day 12 and just don't have much appetite. This is my second round and I vaguely remember feeling this way last time too. For reference, I am a breakfast lover who always eats in the morning within an hour of waking and fairly active (run, hike, do HIIT workouts, etc.) and don't really like sweets. Today I had a potato, egg, rosemary fritatta with bacon on the side and then by lunch time I had to force myself to eat half of a salad with greens, carrots, nuts and a big mound of homemade chicken salad with homemade ranch dressing. At dinner I ate cauliflower rice, squash and tinga chicken thighs. I am normally a big fat eater but not a big meat eater. Is the meat just filling me up more? I eat a wide variety of foods (my husband is a SAHD and prepares delicious dinners) and am just baffled. For reference, I don't have any history of eating disorders or dieting. Before a few years of over (and disordered) eating because of personal tragedies I was an healthy active person who never dieted. I am honestly not really sure what is going on. Could I really just be full? Is my body just resetting its needs?  I was pretty active today (hiking, playing at park with my kids, going for a walk), could that make me less hungry? I know some people after long runs (10+ miles) lose their appetite but that has never been my experience. Its honestly super frustrating because my athletic performance really suffers on whole30 (I feel like I am exercising with an empty tank), which I understand is my body switching from carbs to fats as fuel, but still, less food for me means less fuel and more bonking so I would love to eat more.  :-( 

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