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Subtle improvements last month. Starting big TODAY!


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On December 13th, I weighed 152 (my peak weight for my 5'5 running frame). I decided to give up sugar as a way to heal my relationship with food as I have struggled with binge eating/restriction for the last eight years. With a few exceptions I stayed on track and felt relieved to have sugar out of the question.

Then January 1st came along and I was ready for more. For the last 15 days I have loosely followed Whole30 guidelines as if I was in the "post-Whole 30 phase/rest-of-your-life-phase" according to FFF (I had one beer, almond milk with carrageenen, beef jerky with soy lechitin while traveling, etc.) I weighed myself today and I'm 146! 

Today, I'm going all in. January 15-February 14th. 30 days. I'm so excited the results from a real Whole 30! It'll be hard, but I'm ready. 

The main things I want to see: a better relationship with food, the scale reading 142 or less, less pain in my sciatic nerve (I run and hike a lot and it tends to get irked), improved mood, and clearer, glowing skin. :)

Let's do this!! 

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