Did i ruin my whole30 by not eating?

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I'm on day 13 of a so far very successful Whole30. I've been eating whole, nutrition meals, not snacking, etc. Then, on day 11, I had an extremely emotionally distressing event occur which led me to just not eat for two days. My appetite completely disappeared. I tried forcing myself to eat and managed a few nuts and some cantaloupe, but that's about it. Everything else made me physically recoil. 

I'm clinically depressed and take antidepressants and this no appetite/ inability to keep food down tends to happen for me when I'm in an episode, which was triggered by this distress. My appetite hasn't returned but I managed to eat a few bites of sweet potato for breakfast this morning, and am hoping to choke down some lunch which is Brussels sprouts and chicken breast and the rest of my sweet potato (more than I've eaten in days) 


My question is, did I just ruin my whole30? Should I restart or can I just tack a few extra days on to account for my body betraying me? 


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The Whole30 is an elimination protocol at its core, designed to remove inflammatory foods for 30 days to allow your gut to heal. If you did not eat anything off plan, your reset is still in tact.


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