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Started Jan 14


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Hi everyone!

I started my Whole30 on January 14th. I'm 4 months post partum and exclusively breastfeeding my son. I'm very nervous about how this will affect my milk supply. Through my research it sounds like the key is to have enough carbs in each meal and eat when hungry. I am excited to see how my cleaner diet effects him. He is what the doctor calls a "happy spitter" meaning he has reflux and spits up a lot, but is never fussy and it isn't effecting his weight gain. So really it isn't a problem, just annoying and creates a lot of laundry. He gets a dose or two of gripe water a day to calm his stomach, maybe we can stop doing that with my cleaner diet. 

Yesterday went pretty great although I did have a moment while watching some evening tv. I was hungry and kept thinking "I'm a grown woman, I'll eat what I damn well please" (in this moment I wanted a string cheese). BUT I didn't give in to it. I did eat something Whole30 approved b/c I truly was hungry, but I didn't give in on the craving for cheese.

I can already tell I didn't have enough carbs in my breakfast this morning. It was a frittata with mushrooms, spinach, and leeks. I paired it with a chicken apple sausage but I was still hungry after eating it. I also forgot to bring almond milk with me to work so I'm having to drink my coffee black. I can do this at home because we buy yummy coffee, but at work it's not so great.

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