Do I have to start over because I ate....

Kathryn Finn

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Hi there! I'm 8 days in to my Whole30 and going really strong! I did however have a question about something I ate yesterday. My husband order frites (fries) from a local restaurant yesterday. I asked the server what they were cooked in and he said canola oil. I ate maybe 4 fries off of my husbands plate because I was thinking these were compliant. After reading a lot of things I now realize that while the ingredients were compliant these weren't because they were fried.

Big question... Do I have to start over? 

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Fries are not allowed per the rules:

"Some specific foods that fall under this rule include: pancakes, waffles, bread, tortillas, biscuits, muffins, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, pizza crust, cereal, or ice cream. No commercially-prepared chips (potato, tortilla, plantain, etc.) or French fries either. However, this list is not limited strictly to these items—there may be other foods that you find are not psychologically healthy for your Whole30. Use your best judgment with those foods that aren’t on this list, but that you suspect are not helping you change your habits or break those cravings. Our mantra: When in doubt, leave it out. It’s only 30 days."


Another thing that can apply to people with sensitivities, the same oil is often used for fries as for other fried items that are breaded.  (Often, but not always.)  There's a big risk of cross contamination.

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