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Dorot Frozen Spices in Israel


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Hey, so I've embarked on my first Whole30 and I have a few questions, but I'll start with here with this one. I'm in Israel, anyone else here doing the Whole30? So I searched the Dorot frozen spices and it sounds like in the US they have soybean oil. I've been having them for a while, and been on top of my eating habits so I noticed these things, seen them both in the US and Israel and have noticed even in Israel inconsistencies in the written ingredients. I have parsley, garlic, coriander, basil and ginger here and from what I can tell, and I'm translating the Hebrew, they have canola oil, citrus fiber, lemon concentrate, salt and water and some of them don't have all of the above. This sounds to me like it's compliant, does that ring true?

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