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Traveling to Memphis Tennessee


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I'm traveling to Memphis Tennessee this weekend. My flight out is at 6:45 am and my flight arrives home at 11:44 pm... so I'll basically be gone for a FULL 48 hours.

My travel companions know I am on Whole30, so that's fine, but I am deeply concerned about how I'm going to manage this trip without starving or subsisting on black coffee, RX bars and epic bacon jerky.

Can anyone recommend a restaurant in the Memphis area where I can safely eat? 

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Update... I am flying basic coach, which means no access to the overhead bins and only one bag that fits under the seat.

I reached out to the BBQ place we are going to to see if they can recommend something on the menu without soy and sugar. They got back to me really quickly and though my options are very limited, they are not completely out. The tricky thing about traveling to cities lauded for BBQ are the danged marinades! 

I am prepping my mergency food stash and a few days ago I stopped at a CVS near my office (NYC Times Square/Garment District area) and was able to pick up some Epic Bars in flavors I've been wanting to try and that Whole foods doesn’t carry along with some olive snack packs. At my neighborhood store I bought some baby carrot snack packs and some individual packets of almond butter. I should be fine. It's only 48 hours. 


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14 hours ago, Elainedut said:

I would love to hear how you fared on your out of town trip. Please share any tips you gleaned from the experience.

Hi Elainedut,

Well, I had a two part flight from NYC with a layover in Charlotte.

I brought along with me a big bag of emergency food stuff that would have fed me for the entire weekend if necessary, though it didn't include vegetables. It included several types of Epic meat sticks (which I had never tried and descided I didn't like the texture of), homemade plantain chips (I made them, so they are compliant), a few turkish apricots, a baggie of mixed nuts, Epic bites in two flavors, 3 individual packets of almond butter (one was a by Pro Bar and has dates and coconut oil in it which gave it a nice flavor), and 3 RX bars (mixed berry is my new favorite). I ended up not eating the majority of the snacks, though I was very happy to have it.

My travelling companion has access to the American Airlines Admirals Lounge (nice!) in NYC and Charlotte where there is free food and drink. I was able to eat hard boiled eggs, bananas, oranges and unsweet tea for the breakfast leg of the journey.

The first day in Memphis, Saturday, we arrived at like 10:30am (11:30 EST). After checking into our hotel (Comfort Inn downtown... they have fridgerators and microwaves in the rooms) and we headed over to the Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine Hotel (where MLK Jr was murdered) and spent most of the day there. It's an intense museum and I highly recommend it.

Afterwards (around 6pm) we headed over to Centeral BBQ a few blocks away (I had emailed them in advance and they got back to me quickly so I knew what was ok to order) and had a half chicken (dry) and a side salad with italian dressing. The dressing was served on the side and I used it very sparingly since I couldn't be 100% sure it was compliant and I didn't have any of my own dressing (sealed travel size dressing would be the best thing ever!) . I also had an unsweetened ice tea. After that I was pretty exhausted from the day (back and feet were pretty sore) so I went back to my hotel and turned in early. 

Sunday morning we were headed to church where there was a breakfast served so I made sure to eat an orange a banana and some almond butter in my hotel room. I obviously skipped the delicious smelling cheesy grits, bacon and biscuits and just had 3 cups of black coffee at church. During the church coffee hour they served fudge brownies and hot buttered cinnamon bisuits and I made sure my companion had one of each for me... more coffee. After chruch we went to lunch with a friend to a place that I did not catch the name of but is in the "funky" area across town that was across from an adorable kitty adoption center. If I figure out the name I will add it later. The food was American fare, with a farm to table ethos. Most of the menu items had problem ingredients so I had to ask the server to omit and swap. I ordered the plate that was 2 farm fresh eggs and house made sage sausage patties. I swapped out cheese grits and biscuit for some fresh fruit (raspberries, strawberries, melon). The eggs and the sausage were dissapointingly tiny and they brought out the huge biscuit anyway (my companion ate it). 

We spent a few hours at the restaurant talking with our friend (the purpose of the trip) and afterwards we headed back to the airport to check in early for our flights back to NYC. I was feeling a little hungry and had an RX bar and a some Epic bacon in the Memphis airport. Back in Charlotte I had more substantial nibbles in the Admiral Lounge... the evening  hummos bar included cut vegetables, olives and cherry tomatoes and I had an orange, almond butterm an epic bar and ice tea. We arrived home after midnight. 

So, in conclusion, I didn't eat that much over the two days and I was exhausted and feeling very low in energy on Monday. 
I think I would have been better prepared if I had let our friend know about Whole30 so that I could have picked the lunch restaurant or done some advanced research on the one we went to.  I was confident about dinner on Saturday only because I had contacted them in advance to explain what I needed to avoid. 


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