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Starting First Whole30 with "Ease in Day" on the 1st. Real thing on the 2nd


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I just wanted to introduce myself. I had been doing low carb for about 2 years with great results. I started training heavily in dance, in addition to other workouts in July, and my eating habits got really sloppy! I'm doing the whole 30 as a system restart and after the 30 days I hope my body remembers real nutrition and will stick close to the basic principals of the program.

I'm starting with an, "Ease In" day on the first. I might have to finish off some Greek yogurt and oatmeal (out of sight, out of mind...And I don't throw away food!) but I'll be eating with Whole30 in mind for most of the day.

Then on the 2nd I'm all in, baby!

I hope to get to know the newbies and the whole30 veterans. I wish it was the 1st already! One more day to go : )

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