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Low Carb to Whole30 - I get to eat POTATOES?


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I kinda feel like I'm actually ADDING more food with this program? I'm in the prep phase getting ready to start. I have been on a low carb journey since September. I consume a very minimal amount of dairy already, stopped drinking wine, cut out sugar and all grains, pasta, rice, potatoes, legumes, squashes, etc. I lost 34 pounds. Woohoo!

A friend told me about Whole30 and I was intrigued, but when I look at it, I think I get to add more food than take away. Some things I am having now that I'll have to remove:

Cream in my Coffee

Sugar-Free Vanilla in my Coffee

Soy sauce on sushi

Small amounts of sugar in ham, bacon, etc. 

Small "tolerable" amounts of sugar in salad dressings (1 gram or less)

Random cheese, mostly Parmesan on my broccoli or something like that. 

I notice my headaches more now - only because I think I lived my life with one long headache before. They pretty much happen right after I start drinking coffee. So, I'm thinking bye bye coffee too. But...

Potatoes? Sweet Potatoes? Butternut Squash? Game Changer!! I'll add those in slowly so I don't go in to overload. 

I think the hardest part for me will be not weighing myself every day. 

Diddy / 46 yr old Female / Phoenix

HW 192 / CW 158 / GW 142



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