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10 days and Still Exhausted


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I have am on day 10 now and I am still feeling tired all of the time and I am also getting a headache every afternoon. I feel like I am walking in a daze.

I am still eating at every meal until I am full. I feel like I am having a good diversity of foods. I am including veggies, fruit, and meat into every meal. 

Anyone have any advice?

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Breakfast every day:
One large breakfast sausage and three eggs

Salad with kale, arugula, mushrooms, and spinach. Pulled pork.  2x
Chicken kebab with fruit salad as well as a spinach salad.
Leftover hamburger with salad. 

Ground pork and mushrooms with pasta sauce (whole30 compliant) and potatoes. 
Hamburger with salad and sauteed mushrooms and onion.
cauliflower rice and marinara sauce with brussel sprouts.

Between meals I may have one Lara bar or RX bar. 

Drinking about 80-100oz of water a day. Taking grad school classes and working, but nothing super stressful. I have not had the energy to work out since starting. 

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OK, I don't see any fat listed in your meals. Also add veggies to your breakfast. :) 

Given that you are tired, please put away the lara and RX bars. They are not doing anything for you. Add fat to your meals and if you need to eat between meals, prioritize protein and fat (ie, hardboiled egg and mayo, chicken thigh and guacamole)

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