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Jaleo in DC


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So I’m heading out to dinner with family this Friday and I’ve selected Jaleo in DC because it looks like it has a good variety of Whole30 options. Caveat- I need to call today to confirm all their cooking oil is olive oil, but I’ll update (hopefully) when I confirm. 

Here’s the menu and my proposed order, I’d be grateful if anyone spots any potential pitfalls in advance. Thanks!  https://www.jaleo.com/location/washington-dc/menu/

Jamon Iberico de Bellota

Coliflor salteadas con aceitunas y datiles (cauliflower with olives and dates)

Espinacas catalana (spinach with pine nuts, raisins and apples)

Tortilla de patatas (egg and potato omelet)

Lomo de buey con piquillos (grilled hanger steak with sautéed peppers)

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Great tip @laura_juggles ! I’m happy to report I had an awesome Whole 30 meal there last night! It was definitely time for me to get out and socialize and to skip cooking for one meal!  

I checked about the oil and sugars- olive oil predominates unless it’s one of their fried items, and the server thought they “might” have honey in the spinach, so I just had the jamon, tortilla and hanger steak. It was perfect!

Confession though- I really missed my wine.  I’m on day 20 of Whole30, and I’ve successfully broken the habit of a wine or three after work, but I still really miss a wine pairing with a nice dinner. It’s just my preferred beverage for a special meal - water just doesn’t bring out the same flavors. I plan on reintroducing wine first, and if I can eliminate the nightly wine and just keep it for occasional for nice meals, I’ll consider this W30 a rousing success.

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