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Hello Whole30er's!

I don't know if anyone actually reads the logs of others but if you are reading this welcome! My post is going to look really long because I was logging on my introduction and just realized there is a specific area of the forums just for logging! I am copy pasting all those logs here and then will update here for my log!

Day 1

Hello Whole30ers! 

First, I must admit that this isn't exactly my first adventure with Whole30, in fact this is my fourth time having a second day on Whole30, however, I am hoping this will be my first time reaching days 8-30. In case that isn't making sense, I have never made it more than a week on Whole30 because of the withdrawal headaches, however, this time I am planning to do all I can to push through and past the headaches.

My Why:

I have a number of reasons or whys for doing Whole30:

1. I'm not getting any younger....I'm creeping ever closer to 30 and that just feels weird to me

2. I have Diabetes Type 2 and haven't been good at watching what I eat like I should. I am also not very good at taking my meds so I would love to be off my diabetes meds.

3. I have poly cystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) -- if I can get my hormones in a more regulated place then I am all for it!

4. I am overweight...I have been a large portion of my life but it's gotten worse in the last year and I need to fix that

5. I want to prove to myself that I can do hard things


Although food is a battle for me, even more difficult for me is getting exercise, I love to nap, snuggle with my cats and watch TV/movies so I am hoping to bump in my energy levels helps with that as well. 

Day 7

Here's an update as today is Day 7...honestly I think this is the furthest I've ever made it and I feel great and I am looking forward to the next 23 days of my challenge....in fact, 23 days doesn't sound as daunting as it did at the start of this journey!

Overall I am enjoying the food, feeling motivated and facing temptations successfully! I find my mind much more clear already, to the point that I'll be doing something then all of a sudden I am like, "Wow! Everything seems so clear and I feel so focused and mentally energized!"

My challenges so far have included chocolate chip cookies in the break room on day 2....cookies I were told were "really good" and "the best I've ever had" by some of my co-workers, but I passed them by, and honestly being day two my will power was stronger than day 4, when breakfast pizza arrived in the break room. Seriously, we love to eat where I work and not the whole foods I am growing to really enjoy, and dare I say, love. Day 5 my sister and I went to a movie...this was hard. Although I don't usually eat much of our popcorn (honestly 2-5 handfuls on average) I wanted all the popcorn and doused in butter (also not my normal) but I stuck to my water and the a few whole almonds that I snuck in to theater because I am a rebel! Haha! Day 6  I passed on going out to lunch with my church friends because I don't feel ready to navigate the restaurant scene, and although they were going to one of my favorite places I said no thanks and went home to my safe pulled pork and mashed sweet potatoes, which were delicious!

I do have a confession though....the morning of Day 5 I stepped onto the scale...I mean I had to know because I am that person and 30 days of eating healthy without using my scale is more than I can handle so I did it...and I am unashamed to say that I wanted the extra motivation to help me stay the course...I am pleased to say that days 1-4 saw a drop of 5.2lbs. I have been hovering between 171 and 176 for over a year now so breaking that and finding myself in the 160's was so exciting! 

I have already learned that I love sweet potatoes, I also really like bell peppers (especially sauteed) and that sneaking more vegetables into my diet isn't really all that hard...except breakfast...that's more challenging. And I have learned that I enjoy journaling about my journey!

Thanks for the positivity and the encouragements!

Day 11

It's day 11! From my understanding this is about the time the "magic" starts to happen! According to my "Whole30 Day-by-Day" I and cresting the peak of the roller coaster! In fact, today I walked in to the break room at work and there are three boxes of doughnuts...I anticipated craving one but instead I felt apathetic about them!! This is huge!! 

I am continuing to find meals I like...and even better I am enjoying the leftovers!

I enjoy meal prepping, I have motivation and energy to do more (in fact, yesterday at the end of the day at work I had a "craving" to clean my house...this is not a thing I've experienced...EVER!), I feel more mentally alert, my thoughts are more clear, my focus is increased, I'm more productive at work, I have more patience, I am recovering from more strenuous activities more easily and quickly, I have regular BMs (sorry if that's TMI but this is pretty big for me), I am sleeping better most nights, my cravings are reduced by at least 75% and my "elevator pitch" is improving. 

I am still working on trying to eliminate snacks (but also just listening to my body and feeding it when it is truly hungry), changing my vocabulary from "I can't eat that" to "I'm a choosing not to eat that right now", changing "diet" to "eating habits" or "lifestyle change", and I have yet to attempt eating out...I'm afraid it would be too hard so I want to try a meal out somewhere to show myself it's do-able.

I know I'm not quite halfway through but I feel so successful, and honestly, 19 more days sounds like a "piece of cake"! (Pardon the sugary food expression!)

Day 15

Well I have finally reached day 15! I feel great overall (despite having a cold)!

My productivity at  work has reached an all time high, my mental focus is the best it's been in a long time (possible ever), I am eating the healthiest I ever have, my skin looks healthier than ever before, my sleep quality has greatly improved, I have a cheerier disposition and I am overall more confident about myself. My shirts are looser, my jeans require belts to stay up and I have to dress in extra layers to stay warm (although I'm not sure at this point how much of a win that is). 

I am still enjoying meal prepping and eating delicious, healthy meals and am adjusting the the mountains of dishes I create. People have started to say I'm looking good but usually after I bring up the Whole30. I am still thinking/considering making my Whole30 into a Whole60 for a variety of reasons but mostly because I feel like my body tends to take longer to adjust to new things and I take longer to create new habits so I want to make this a more permanent change. Also, I have elected to not add in exercise on this Whole30 because I want to show myself how much what I eat affects me, however, I think the second Whole30 I will add in exercise to see how that can affect my health improvements. (Plus, my mother, whom I don't live with, is considering doing the Whole30 starting on February 1 and my sister would likely join her in it so then I would have a couple people to support and to help keep me encouraged.)

I am looking forward to the the tiger-blood in the next 15 days as I FINALLY mark completing a Whole30 of my list of things I want to accomplish in my life!

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Hi and YIPPEEEEE!  You've made it more than TWICE as far as before and are past the halfway point.

I love your Why's for W30 and how you're changing your internal dialogue to a positive one.  It sounds like you're also an excellent influence on your friends and family. 

Keep up the great job and know that we're cheering for you!  


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Day 18

I can't believe I am almost to day 20! I'm almost sad at how quick the 30 days are flying by (although I realize just because the 30 days end doesn't mean I have to stop eating this way)!

I have been doing a lot of thinking about life after Whole30 and at this point I'm not ready for that phase, I am about 99% sure I am extending my Whole30 into a Whole60. I have a few Whys for this as well:

1. I want to turn this more into a life style than a phase so I think another 30 days to get the habits and rhythm more nailed down 

2. I want to see my A1C really drop so I am getting it tested at the end of this 30 and want to see what will happen when the next three months pass by

3. I wanted to see how my eating affected me mentally, physically and emotionally this round but I also want to see how adding exercise makes a difference as well so the second 30 days I am going add intentional exercise. 

4. I think my mom will be doing her first Whole30 starting the first day of my second 30 days, if I'm still doing it I can support her better.

I feel so good right now and so many people are starting to take notice, which definitely boosts my self-esteem and my motivation to continue down this path. I am going to try to come up with several new recipes to use in the second 30 days to build up my arsenal. I am excited about the items I’ve added to my personal menu. I am going to write all my favorites on recipe cards for my new recipe box this weekend so they are quickly and easily accessible for times I am struggling to decide what I want to make and to help me continue to find success in this new lifestyle.

If you have favorite recipes and want to share them I am more than open to trying them (especially if I can make enough for at least four servings! Can you say leftovers?!) 

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Day 23

I have to actually look at my calendar to know what day I am on because I am no longer constantly thinking about my Whole30 or what I am going to eat or what I miss eating!

I have successful faced many temptations and been successful in passing them by (some unscathed and others by eating an apple or RxBar because I was hungry and smelling all the pizza at the work meeting was so darn tempting and, well, I'm human). I have found more recipes that I am loving, such as my breakfast stuffed peppers! YUM! I discovered Frank's Red Hot sauce is compliant...BAM! I am kicking a lot of my meals up a notch! Woohoo! Overall I am excited to be this close to day 30 and not having the feeling that, "I've made it this far what's it going to hurt to eat a bite of __________?". 

I am looking forward to getting back on the scale though, just to see what has happened in the second half of my Whole30 as far as weight loss goes! 

Also, my mom and sister are still planning to start their Whole30 on February 1, so I am still planning to continue for that 30 days adding in exercise!


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Day 24

Last night...In my mind I had built last night up into a difficult temptation to get through. I debated staying home where it's safe and I am surrounded by compliant options but I accepted the challenge of making homemade buffalo ranch dressing, put on my big girl panties and met my friend and her family at Pizza Ranch to celebrate her son's 4th birthday. With my glass filled with water and my homemade ranch dressing on standby I approached the salad bar and loaded my plate with lettuce, spinach, mushrooms, green peppers, black olives, baby carrots, hard boiled egg and a pickle. I felt confident as I started eating my meal and more confident with each bite, by the end of the salad I enjoyed I was satisfied and satiated and feeling more accomplished than ever! Yay! I succeeded in my dining out with others adventure! AAAnnnndddd....it wasn't hard! It was easy because I prepared myself ahead of time!

I won't lie though...the ice cream and dessert pizza at the end of the meal looked good!

Today, I am super excited that I have enough food prepped so that I don't have to cook anything tonight because I threw out my lower back dumping a rock out of my boot this morning. OUCH! I made it to the chiropractor about 2 hours after it happened and am back at work now. I am still in a lot of pain and the adjustment hurt something terrible. I have another appointment for tomorrow too. Hopefully though I am feeling much better by then. 

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Day 25

I some ways I feel like I have been living Whole30 my whole life and in others it seems like I just started and now I'm at day 25! Either way this journey has been such a blessing!

Yesterday I shared that I threw my back out, well update, it still hurts a lot today. I am taking tylenol and alternating ice and heat and just doing what I can. 

In other news, my Tessamae's order should be arriving today so I'll have compliant ranch, habanero ranch, buffalo sauce and ketchup. I am also going out to dinner with work friends so I am excited to exercise my Whole30 skills somewhere new! I am still planning to go through a second 30 days making this into a Whole60 but I am still in awe of how fast this first 30 is flying by!

Tomorrow is my first birthday party on the program so it will present some new challenges but I am going to go prepared with an RxBar and a LaCroix in case I feel myself breaking down, but I don't foresee that at this point. 

Have a good weekend everyone! Make smart choices!

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Day 28

As Melissa says, "Day 28 is NOT 30!" I totally agree buuuttt I had to jump on the scale for an important reason, I have a T2D check-up with my doctor this afternoon and I want to share with him what I have been doing and how much weight I've lost this year (weird to think that I've been doing Whole30 almost all year! Haha! It makes me sounds way more committed!). I am happy to report that I am down 8.4 pounds since January 2, 2018...buuuttt I am even more excited to share that I bought a new pair of jeans this weekend two....that's right TWO sizes smaller than I was wearing!!!!! Here's some perspective on that excitement...I will be having my 10 year high school reunion this spring...I am pretty sure that I haven't worn this size jeans since 7th grade!! I am in awe! My pants size is way more exciting than my scale number!

I will be reporting back in tomorrow with my lab work results! I am prepared to not see a big difference but still hoping it's an impressive amount! Eeek! 

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Day 29

I had a diabetes check-up yesterday and was very honest with my physician. I told my doctor and my health coach that I was not taking my metformin beings I had given it a good three months of keeping up with it and never got past the diarrhea (sorry if that's a TMI). I told them I was doing Whole30, that I'm down 8.5lbs, two pants sizes and that I am feeling really good overall! The recommended a smaller dose of the metformin to start with and to maybe build my way back up. I had my microalbumin which came back in the healthy range and my A1c...druuuummm rooooll pllleeeaaaasssseeee....it dropped 1.3 points! I still have a few points to drop, but I am beyond excited for this!

Tomorrow is day 30 but I am still on track to do a Whole60! Yay!

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Holy Guacamole! It's DAY 30!!!!

I am so excited to say that I made it through a WHOLE30!! I didn't quit, I didn't give in, I slayed my sugar dragon! Here are the victories I am celebrating today:

  1. I am sleeping better
  2. My complexion is soooo clear
  3. I have more energy
  4. I am more productive
  5. I am more patient/tolerant
  6. I am happier
  7. I am laughing, smiling and dancing more again
  8. I don't stress about food
  9. I have learned to eat out and stay healthy
  10. My clothes are looser...like some of them are too loose....Like I bought new jeans TWO SIZES SMALLER than I was wearing January 1!
  11. I don't have brain fog
  12. Almost 0 headaches!
  13. I have learned I love many veggies
  14. I am mentally stronger than I thought
  15. My A1c dropped 1.3 points with through 28 days of W30, no additional exercise and not taking meds
  16. I was brave enough to tell my Dr. that I had quite my metformin because it made me sick and we did some problem solving
  17. I lost about 8.5 lbs.
  18. Just by sharing my story I have others in my life who are planning their first W30's
  19. I found this community here on the forum and have LOVED the encouragement I've received and encouraging others.
  20. I have become more social and more outgoing again...possibly due to increased self-esteem and confidence

I still have a journey ahead of me. My second W30 starts tomorrow making this a W60. I still have goals I am working towards which include:

  1. Continuing to only fuel my body with real foods
  2. To live a life of as little sugar as possible (due to my T2D)
  3. I have about  17-18 lbs to lose to be in the healthy BMI range
  4. My A1c needs to drop at least 2.8 more points
  5. My blood sugar levels need to drop into a healthy/normal range
  6. I am starting my metformin again, just in a smaller dose
  7. I want to be off my meds and controlled with my diet and exercise
  8. I need to start exercising (which is part of the point of the second 30 days...to add exercise to reap those benefits, especially since I have now seen how big a difference healthy eating makes)
  9. Not a major goal but I wouldn't mind enjoying swim suit shopping this year
  10. I want to create life long sustainable habits

If you made it through both of my lists you deserve a round of applause! I am planning to step on the scale tomorrow and take measurements tomorrow so I can better track my health going into the second 30 days! Yippee!

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Ultimately I want to loosen the reigns a little bit, like allow a small slice of cake at the next wedding or birthday party or eat those yummy fried pickle spears at my favorite restaurant but overall make this a lifestyle change. I want the Whole30 guidelines to be my guide for the majority of the time.

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I think 80/20 makes sense and seems very realistic and sustainable! I hadn't thought of it in ratios like that but I will now! :)

Are you doing a W30 now or are you starting soon? Is it your first W30? 

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Hi Cera

I read your post in the Feb 1 start date which brought me here.  Thanks for writing:  "I want to prove to myself that I can do hard things".  For various reasons, I needed to view those words.  I have done a lot of hard things but I needed to be reminded.  Have done lots of whole 30's and whole 30's plus days (don't remember how many) but none recently. I was always compliant but could never follow the spirit of the whole 30 (ate when not hungry, too many rx bars)  Life has been complicated and I need to gain some control so I am going to start today.  I will be following the next 30 days of your journey.  Congrats.


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6 hours ago, Laurie said:

 "I want to prove to myself that I can do hard things". 

I wish I could take full credit for that but those are words spoken by my pastor. My pastor reminds us that we can do hard things, it's part of being Christian and having faith, God will call us to hard things but he will also be with us and equip us on our journey through those things!

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7 hours ago, Laurie said:

I read your post in the Feb 1 start date which brought me here.  Thanks for writing:  "I want to prove to myself that I can do hard things".  For various reasons, I needed to view those words.  I have done a lot of hard things but I needed to be reminded.  Have done lots of whole 30's and whole 30's plus days (don't remember how many) but none recently. I was always compliant but could never follow the spirit of the whole 30 (ate when not hungry, too many rx bars)  Life has been complicated and I need to gain some control so I am going to start today.  

I absolutely love this, @Laurie.  So very honest.

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Day 31

Welp I measured and weighed myself today for my second 30 days!

I don't have all the numbers memorized but I want to share what I remember so I can see at the end of my 30 days what changed [I will edit this post to add the other numbers later :) ]

  1. right upper arm - 11.5in
  2. left upper arm - 11.5in
  3. right thigh -
  4. left thigh -
  5. hips -
  6. waist -
  7. neck -
  8. weight - 161.4 lbs (this is 9.8lbs less than my Jan. 2 weight)
  9. BMI - 26.9 (This is down from 28.5 on Jan. 2)
  10. Body Fat % - 

My February goals are:

  1. lower my average blood sugar number
  2. add in exercise (I am aiming for 30 min cardio everyday)
  3. continue to eat compliantly
  4. learn new recipes
  5. take my new dosage of my metformin every day (I have been known to miss doses)
  6. I am also going to cut out Rx bars completely...I haven't abused them thus far but I've read a lot about them and just feel it may become more tempting to abuse them with the excuse that I am doing so well in all other aspects of my health and they are healthier than a candy bar and I don't want to give myself the chance to go down that path
  7. I am also going to be even more focused on getting enough healthy fat at every meal...I likely had meals and January that didn't really have enough healthy fat but I have created a chart I am using to help me track my portions of protein, veggies and fat. 

My bonus "goal" or what I would like to achieve is to lower my BMI, Body Fat % and lose another 10 lbs (...okay I only lost 9.8 last month...but I wouldn't mind making it an even 10 this month!)

I realize a list of 7 goals (8 if you count the "bonus goal") seems like a lot for one month but in truth they almost all fall under the umbrella of me just sticking to the Whole30 rules, which I've been doing so I am not stressed about it. 

Thanks to those of you who have read and responded to my log thread! Seriously I feel blessed to have "complete strangers" encouraging me and celebrating my success with me! 

You all rock!


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On 1/24/2018 at 5:43 AM, cr89 said:

(some unscathed and others by eating an apple or RxBar because I was hungry and smelling all the pizza at the work meeting was so darn tempting and, well, I'm human).

Yes!!! I have to do that at work too! It's a banana or RXBar, I'm on Day 7. REading your log is giving me hope!

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Hi Cera!

I really enjoyed reading through your log  entries of your first W30 and your experiences. Thanks for sharing and willingness  to encourage others.  Your pretty funny too;) I think you should definitely be proud of all your accomplishments and for being a motivator for those around you to join you in your next W30. I’ll be kicking my journey off on the 5th. I will be taking my measurement first thing that morning but putting the scale away I dont want to not worry about the scale. Do you think you will weight yourself during these next 30 days. I know you said it’s a part of you (which I completely understand) while working out and “trying to eat healthy” I would weigh myself everyday first thing in the morning but it literally had me like an emotional yo-yo one day I was glad because the numbers where going down and then the next I was back up and it just got so discouraging that I completely stopped. Hope you continue your log entries to share with us.

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Hey all!

Sorry I've been absent the past few days! Life can get a bit hectic! BUUUTTTT...I'm here now to share my wisdom (or lack thereof)!

So I have been battling deciding if I want to reintroduce or stay completely compliant and amidst that battle I have had small tastes of non-compliant food. Monday I ate a small piece of chocolate goodness called (by my coworker) a fudge nugget. It was just a bite size and it was good, but I am most excited to say that I didn't feel the need to grab another one, instead I savored the one I had and felt satiated. Tuesday there was cheese cake in the work room so my head teacher and I found the smallest piece and then split it in half, again, it was good and enough to satisfy my but I didn't feel the need to go off of the deep end. Yesterday (aka Wednesday) we had a special event in the gym with all the staff and kiddos at work and there was popcorn so I had a serving. Outside of those tastes of food I have remained compliant and overall feel pretty good.

I will admit that I have had a few "nightmares" where I start with a small bite of something non-compliant and then spiral into a huge binge and I end up doubling in weight, and while I know they aren't real, they scare me a bit. Self-control hasn't always been one of my stronger character traits but it has strengthened this year. I have decided that living 90% compliant and 10% "free" will be a good ratio for me (That gives me two meals a week to be non-compliant...which I'll use when others want to go out or for special occasions). I feel this will be realistic! 

Anyways, that's it for today! Maybe I'll "see" you all tomorrow!

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