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PMS is Sabotaging my Tiger Blood!

Nicole Lee

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21 minutes ago, Nicole Lee said:

I'm on Day 17 and my PMS has been dragging me down the last 4 days. I'm concerned about how I am going to feel when my period starts tomorrow. These are supposed to be my best days but I am so drained both mentally and physically! Any tips would be much appreciated :) 

Eat more ;)

Actually that is legit advice... when our bodies are preparing to maybe make another human, it uses a lot of energy!  Some people find they eat at least another meal each day in the week leading up to and of their period.  Try increasing your meals or meal sizes and see if that helps.  Honestly it totally sucks but if you stick with this way of eating long term (if your own food freedom looks similar to Whole30) you will likely notice an overall decrease in PMS symptoms and the accompanying annoyances like cramps and headaches/aches.

Rest, be kind to yourself, eat enough, drink lots of water and tea if you're into that kind of thing :)

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12 minutes ago, Nicole Lee said:

Thank you @SugarcubeOD! I'll increase my meal size and take a nap. I finally kicked snacks (4th meal) so I want to stay with 3 square meals only. It's also really helpful to think that this advice is coming from a cat :D

Hey, advice from a cat isn't the worst you could do... especially when it comes to napping and resting ;) 

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