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Too Much Tiger Blood?

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I’m on Day 18 here, and am experiencing horrible mid-night insomnia. This is my 3rd Whole 30, and the exact same thing happened during my 2nd one... I wake up between 3-4 am every. single. night. I have added a magnesium supplement at night, don’t always drink much caffeine (if i do, it’s one cup of green tea at 7:00 am), and have even started meditating 10 minutes/day. I don’t feel super stressed or anything like that, and go to bed around 9-10 every day. I slept fine before Whole 30, so it’s extremely frustrating! I feel full and like I’m eating enough at each meal. Here is a typical day for food:

green tea or decaf coffee on my way to work

breakfast: 2 eggs, kale salad with avocado, beets, carrots ; sometimes a piece of fruit, but not always 

lunch: salsa chicken, roasted potatoes, green beans 

pre workout snack (if i work out that day)-“fat ball”-coconut/almonds/cashews

dinner: lemongrass Chicken with bok Choy 

Herbal tea or lemon water a few hours before bed 



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