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Did anyone's W30 make you feel insanely emotional and hormonal and mentally tapped?


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Anyone do a Whole30 and be super motivated by the process, and treating your body like a temple, but struggle with the emotional side of it?

I have been SUPER emotional, and in a lot of ways 'vacant', if you know what I mean. Just not my peppy jolly self. I have been highly stressed, highly emotional, highly superstitious of my SO, and just realllllly flat emotionally. Feeling so distant, feeling empty.... ALL the good stuff lol. I've felt a little better the last day or so, but still feel so fragile.

Can we talk more about the emotional withdrawals we may go through? Anyone ever feel this way for most of their W30?

Thank you!!!

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Are you making sure to include starchy veggies (potato, sweet potato, winter squash, carrots, beets etc) to your meals? Definitely if you inadvertently go too low-carb, this can result. Post a few days of your typical meals including portion sizes, timing, fluids, exercise, sleep habits etc and let's see if anything stands out.

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A friend and I were talking about this yesterday, and we think it might be because whole30 doesn't allow for certain unhealthy coping mechanisms like emotional eating of sugary foods or drinking alcohol. If you were someone who used sugar or alcohol as a coping mechanism for high stress or high emotions you're now feeling these things full force and it's overwhelming. 

I was feeling this way yesterday. It's been a stressful week at work and pre-whole30 me would have had a glass of wine (or two) after work to deal with it. But when I left the office I went to the gym for a bit, came home, ate dinner, had a nice cup of tea, and still felt emotionally weird for the rest of the evening. I didn't have a craving for the wine but I felt like nothing I was doing was consoling what I was feeling. I also noticed that on the day before I didn't have a starchy vegetable, so I had a bit more of my sweet potato component at dinner last night and I'm making sure that something starchy is programmed into my plan for the next few days to see if that helps. I've also only had my Mirena IUD in for 2.5 months and my periods are waaaaaaay out of whack, so it's possible I'm just PMSing something fierce too. Yuck haha.

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