Made my own ghee


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Hello. It’s my first time posting on the forums. Day five here! I have noticed some paranoia settling in regarding food.

I made my own ghee before I started the program to save myself some money. I followed a YouTube video which did not show the skimming of the foam on top. The person merely filtered it through some cheese cloth, so that’s what I did. I saw yesterday in the Whole30 book a recipe that required the skimming of the foam. That got me thinking..

I used my ghee for the first time yesterday. I left it at room temperature since I heard you can do that since the milk proteins have been removed. I smelled the ghee before and it smelled a little spoiled/sour. I have never used ghee before so I have no point of reference. That smell has made me ponder whether I have made the ghee correctly. If I did not, there may be milk proteins remaining, right? Should I start over.

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Ghee doesn't smell very different from butter.  How many days between making the ghee and using it?  Even regular butter can be okay on the counter - - so your ghee should be ok even if some of the proteins made it past the cheesecloth.

Give it a little taste and you'll be able to tell if it's off.

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