Diarrhea and vomiting


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We are on day 19 of whole 30 and my 3 year old has not been doing well from the first. We are already a wheat free household with a pretty great diet (we're organic vegetable farmers) low in sugar and processed foods. He has sensitivities to gluten and oats and so does his dad.

At first it was extreme behaviour, hurting other kids, tantrums, along with very loose bowels. Then he pooped the bed while sleeping twice. He is regularly complaining of a sore stomach and then just now he threw up after his snack of 2 eggs and a banana.

We're about to take him off of this diet, but I'm reluctant without knowing the cause of all of his symptoms. Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Have you seen a doctor?  Diarrhea and vomitting are not symptoms usually of eating whole foods.  Is he eating a lot of something that previously he wasn't?  No one here is a medical professional so we're really obligated to encourage you to take him to the doctor, especially if this has been going on for over two weeks.

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