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Pre/post workout meals when you train at night

Lauren Kasanders

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Part 1: I can only eat eggs so often and then get very sick of them. Any suggestions on what pre workout protein to eat?


Part 2: I train every night at 5pm, so easy for me to do the pre workout. My workouts are very intense and I lift heavy  so I feel like I need carbs to fuel my workout but I will try without and see how it goes. However, my training normally last until 7pm. I can eat the small post workout meal immediately after my lift but how long should I wait until I eat my meal 3 (dinner). Should I wait a certain amount of time between post workout meal and dinner? 


Any suggestions would help! 


Thank you!! 



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Any protein will do for pre workout.

You may notice a struggle while your body is switching from sugar burner to fat adaptation... stay the course, you'll be thrilled when you come out the other side.

As far as eating dinner, it's kind of up to you... the recommendation is to wait around 45min to an hour before ingesting fat so that it doesn't slow the absorption of protein into your muscles but you'll have to balance that recommendation with eating dinner at 8pm because we also recommend that people stop eating a few hours before bed.

Have you tried googling 'whole30 late night workouts' or anything similar to see if anyone else has posted about this topic?  It's not that unusual for people to workout at the end of their day so there's likely good information out there for the finding.

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