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Rachel's Whole30 log- first timer 1-21-18 thru 2-19-18


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Day 0!  Tomorrow is start day for me.  I spent my morning trying to finalize what my meals for the week were going to be and it was harder than I thought.  I have been relying mostly on on-line content/recipes and decided to go ahead and purchase one of the Whole30 cookbooks for easier reference (sometimes it's just nice to have something you can easily flip through).  I bought the most recent one- Whole30 Fast and Easy.  Online- I've been making Pinterest boards- one to post all Whole30 recipes that interest me.  And then I'm making additional boards for Week 1, etc. to get another way to visualize things and easily organize any online recipes.

Then I spent probably WAY to much money on some new kitchen appliances (spiralizer, immersion blender, and food processor) as well as grocery items at Trader Joe's and Public.  The evening was devoted to prepping my breakfast meals of the next week or 2.  I made omelet muffins w/ onion, mushroom, and peppers.  I've made this before but had used milk and cheese.  Not sure how substituting coconut milk is going to change the taste/texture but they look about the same.  I also made seasoned breakfast potatoes and turkey apple sausages.  The omelet muffins and turkey apple sausages can be frozen.  All I have to do is reheat in the morning.  The potatoes should be enough to last me for a week and the omelets/sausages should last for at least 2.  

I'm nervous and excited for this journey see both non-scale and on the scale victories!  

No looking back now.....




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Day 1 Complete!  

I woke up hungry and was super glad that I had prepped my breakfast foods for the week.  I had an omelet muffin w/ onions, peppers and mushrooms, breakfast potatoes, 1 and a half turkey sausage patties, and a banana.  Lunch was a burger topped with red onion, sautéed mushrooms, guac, salsa, and yellow mustard wrapped in lettuce as well as a spring mix salad w/ peppers topped w/ guac and salsa as dressing.  After taking the pup (10th birthday today) to the park for a walk, I had a snack of a sliced apple with almond butter.  This was my first experience with almond butter and was taken aback that it wasn't what I expected (not sure why I was thinking it would taste just like PB) but after dipping the apple in it, the taste grew on me.  Dinner was my favorite meal.  I made a garlic ranch roasted chicken with potatoes and carrots along with a salad again topped with guac and salsa.  Roasted carrots are new for me too as I typically like my vegetables raw.  The ranch (homemade) seasonings were the bomb on it all!  Can't wait to have the leftovers for lunch tomorrow.  My beverages for the day was mostly tap water.  I tried my first La Croix  (Berry) with my lunch and I did NOT like it.  But, will continue to give it a chance (thanks to another Whole30 member who warned me that it would not compare to my diet pop in terms of sweet taste).  Maybe the pairing with the salsa wasn't a good choice either?  Or perhaps my taste buds just need time to adjust.

Other Whole30 happenings today included the beginning weigh in and taking body measurements.  I've been debating whether to share and thought- I better.  I have a tendency to not be transparent when I make attempts to get healthy and with putting it out there maybe that is a step I've been missing before. Who knows.  


Today's weight- 257.2 lbs

Body fat % (according to my Fitbit aria scale) - 49.8% (wowsers!!!)

Waist (at belly button)- 52.5 inches

Waist (at narrowest point)- 43 1/4 

Hips- 52 1/4 

Thighs- R- 29 1/4; L- 29 3/8

Calves- R- 17 5/8; L- 17.5 

Biceps- R- 16.5; L-15 7/8

Forearms- R- 12.5; L- 11 3/4

Wrists- R- 7 1/4; L 7 1/4

Neck- 14 7/8

Bust- 48

Chest- 43


Other thoughts about Day 1- I feel like my plates were full and when I initially was done that I had had enough but within the hour I was hungry again.  I know from reading the book and other forum posts that this may be because I'm not eating enough.  Not sure.  I think other factors could be that food has been on my brain all day because of thinking of what I have to prepare, etc.  Before, most of my meal planning was- feel hungry and think about where I was going to grab something to eat.  Even though I like to cook- I rarely did.  Hoping this will solidify cooking habits for going forward after these 30 days.  Other factors I thought could contribute is it is Sunday and a pretty low-key day.  Snacking and boredom was definitely a past time that I'm looking to squash.  And last thought, is maybe my cycle is factoring in as I started 2 days ago.  I'm looking forward how tomorrow will go with being at work.  Will keeping busy help me avoid feeling hungry or will I feel hungry and not concentrate on work?  I've got lunch packed and ready to go.  I purchased some Larabars and will be taking them with me for any emergencies.  

Time to head for bed y'all....

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Day 2 complete!  

I felt like I slept pretty good.  Tossed and turned some but not as much as usual.  But when I was asleep I think it was pretty sound given that I woke up at 2 something to use the restroom and was shocked that it wasn't closer to my time I need to get up to go to work.  So, that's nice.  

My meals were the following:

B- same as before but added almond butter on my banana

L- left over garlic ranch chicken, potatoes, and carrots.  salad with peppers and guac.  apple with almond butter.  La Croix.  (The carrots tasted better to me today- so again, I think that is a win since I'm not really a veggie lover and have found something new that I like)

Snack (around 3:15 or so)- Carrot Cake Larabar 

Snack while making dinner (around 6:45ish)- celery with almond butter

Dinner- Buffalo Chicken Spaghetti squash:  http://therealfoodrds.com/buffalo-chicken-stuffed-spaghetti-squash/. It was delish!  I've only made spaghetti squash once before and that was like 13 years ago.  So pat on the back for another new (ish) vegetable!  I halved the recipe (but kept used extra chicken (just shy of a pound).   I ended up eating about half of what I prepared and will have the rest for lunch or dinner tomorrow. I'm planning on using the other half of the spaghetti squash for dinner later this week with some meatballs and pasta sauce.  

I didn't feel as hungry between meals as yesterday but still some.  I think being at work helped keep me busy.  But when meals came I was definitely ready to eat.  

Overall I felt okay today.  Got a pretty bad headache in the afternoon and took some Advil and am starting to feel one now (but that could be because I'm tired or looking at screens (computer/phone/tv) too much).  I was a bit tired throughout the day but tired has been my normal for a long time and part of the reason why I am doing this reset.  I also noticed feeling a bit foggy throughout the work day.  I had a few temptations at work but they were pretty easy to overcome.  One was seeing pop cans in the work fridge when getting out and putting in my lunch bag.  Another was walking by a coworkers desk and seeing her eating caramel corn.

Feeling ready for day 3 although I know it will bring new challenges.  Tuesdays are Trivia night with friends.  I've been scouting the menu for the restaurant the last couple weeks and there really isn't anything that is compliant or could be made compliant- except maybe a side salad.  So, since it doesn't start until 8- I am going to eat dinner at home and just plan on having tea and enjoying Trivia rather than the food.  Although I'm sure all the fried items will bring temptations.  I shall be strong!


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Day 3 is complete!

And it was pretty good. I noticed that I did not cuss out any drivers on the way to work where usually I’d throw a few f-bombs out there (after work and the evening were another story though). Breakfast was the same as yesterday although no almond butter with my banana. Also, I had 2 omelet muffins instead of one to see if it would help me not feel as hungry between meals.  Lunch was left over buffalo chicken spaghetti squash and an apple along with a La Croix (still not a huge fan but it may be growing on me- I'd like to try some more flavors though). For dinner I sautéed onions peppers and mushrooms to have with Aidell's chicken apple sausage (good stuff). Also had spring mix and half of a medium avocado and Tessamae's creamy ranch dressing. I did end up having a second sausage for more protein and to ensure I was full because tonight was Trivia night out at a restaurant with friends. I made sure I had my plan and  was thankful that my friends were supportive.  I had an iced tea at Trivia and I was completely ok (well their food smelled super good but I didn’t find myself hungry or craving it- so that’s a win). And the biggest surprise of the day is no caffeine headache or cravings for pop! :D I also did not feel a need to snack between meals today although I was super hungry by the time lunch rolled around.  Some people at work thought I looked a bit peppier.  Not sure it is the Whole 30 yet- I think it is more that I was getting off work a couple hours early, lol.  Bring on day 4!

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Sounds like you're doing pretty good so far :) Congrats on the lack of caffeine headache, those can be terrible. La Croix is more of a mid-afternoon by itself drink for me. I don't find anything but the lemon pairs well with most foods, at least imo.

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21 hours ago, Shalla said:

Congrats on the lack of caffeine headache, those can be terrible. 

Thanks!  I'm honestly shocked because typically if I would go a day (or sometimes even half a day) without a pop I would get a horrible headache.  It was one of the things I was most scared about to give the whole30 a try because I thought I'd be miserable.  Maybe my body is just thanking me? lol

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Day 4 complete!

Breakfast was about the same- 2 omelet muffins, breakfast potatoes, turkey sausage.  (I forgot my banana but was ok without it).  Lunch was left over chicken apple sausages with peppers, onions, and mushrooms as well as celery dipped in almond butter, an apple, and a La Croix.  Dinner I had the last of my garlic ranch chicken- made more of the potatoes and carrots to go with it.  No snacks today between meals although I still feel like I'm hungry---- although someone replied to another post that perhaps I'm not really hungry but they are just craving feelings.  This was kind of eye opening because she's right in that I'm not hungry because I wouldn't be willing to eat whatever.  I guess I thought cravings would be like excessive thoughts about a certain food (which I haven't been having yet).  Hmmm... stuff to ponder.  

Other thoughts- I was super tired all day.  Slept pretty poorly last night.  A- stayed up too late perusing the internet and B- got up 2-3 times to use the restroom (I guess too much water and ice tea).  Also this is probably TMI but got gassy in the afternoon.  

Here's hoping for better sleep tonight.  Also need to spend some time tomorrow looking for some new recipes to keep my plan up.  I have a strong feeling that no plan will = fail for me.  

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Day 5 is complete!

Breakfast was 2 omelet muffins, breakfast potatoes, turkey sausage, and strawberries.  Lunch was a burger topped with half an avocado and sautéed mushrooms with a little yellow mustard wrapped in lettuce as well as an apple and a spring mix salad with the other half of the avocado drizzled with Tessemae's creamy ranch dressing.  Also had a La Croix (not as awful- perhaps tastebuds are changing?).  Dinner was spaghetti squash with homemade meatballs (delish) with compliant pasta sauce I found at Publix.  

I've been pretty tired again today.  Started getting low back pains just after eating dinner and not sure what it's from.  Also a headache started brewing later tonight and I just took some Advil.  

Had a weird dream last night- my dreams go in and out and kind of morph so I can't remember why or how but I was at a Chick Fil A and it seemed that this was the only food option available. I ended up ordering a chick fil a sandwich meal with Diet Coke and I believe I took a bite out of the sandwich and then it hit me--- what am I doing?  I looked at the Diet Coke and thought--- if I take a sip of this there is no turning back, this is not good.  So, I ended up throwing it all in the trash.  Then my dream morphed into whatever else that I can't remember.  During my waking hours I have not necessarily craved a certain food (and yes, in the past I have been known to hit up Chick Fil A) but maybe this is my subconscious telling me that I am craving the old foods even though nothing specific is coming through???  

It is hard to believe it is day 5!  What an accomplishment already.  I don't think my body is really falling in with the time line of what to expect and realize that every person's journey is different.  I may have been a bit annoyed a couple times today but not necessarily KILL ALL THE THINGS.  

I think I need to try and focus on getting to bed a bit earlier this next week and see if that will help.  I'd like to try and incorporate more activity into my day....although it is an accomplishment that I am coming home and cooking dinner/doing dishes each night after work and walking the dog.  Before I'd come home, walk the dog, and then crash on the couch.  Sometimes sleep through dinner or eat something very unhealthy.  Now, I'm getting some good adulting in and then sitting/laying down and bumming it on the couch.  Perhaps with time and feeling a bit better- still early on in the challenge.

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Congrats and thanks for sharing! I just wanted to mention that I am also not a fan of La Croix. Have you tried Hint? It's not sparkling, just water with a hint (get it?) of fruit flavor. I got a multi-flavor 12 pack and really like the change from just plain water. It almost feels like a treat - I drink water during the day at work (after my morning coffee), then have a Hint at home in the evening.  Best of luck with the rest of your Whole30!


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Day 6 is coming to an end!

Breakfast was 2 omelet muffins, breakfast potatoes, and turkey sausage.  Had a carrot cake Larabar as a snack before lunch as a work training made me have to move my lunch back significantly later.  (Props to me though for removing the jolly ranchers that were placed at my desk for the training, bringing my water bottle, and skipping out on a lunch invite for pizza- I simply explained my choices and they were respectful of that.). For lunch I had leftover spaghetti squash with meatballs and pasta sauce as well as a banana and almond butter and a La Croix (the taste is really growing on me).  For dinner I made more of the ranch chicken and had left over ranch potatoes and carrots as well as a spinach salad with half an avocado and orange peppers with Tessemae's creamy ranch.  

I have to say that I thought about going to Chipotle for lunch to reward myself for getting this far.  But the more I thought about that I would be using it for a reward I thought against it and went will going home for leftovers instead.  

Work was a short day and I ended up taking a nap this afternoon.  Hit the snooze this morning as well for an extra half hour of "sleep"- not sure why I do this because I rarely fall back asleep anyway and then am just behind on getting everything done before having to get out the door.  The low back pain is back again today.  I've tried some googling back pain and whole30 to see if it may be a common experience.  Not sure- saw everything from mild UTI, yeast infections, etc.  I guess I'll just wait and see.  

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Forgot to post yesterday for Day 7...

Breakfast was 2 omelet muffins, breakfast potatoes and turkey sausage.  For lunch, I was out and about so I did have lunch at Chipotle (unlike yesterday- I didn't purely go just to reward myself so I felt it was ok).  I had the salad (no dressing) with double carnitas, pico, medium salsa, and guacamole.  As well as a cup for water (so strange not getting a large Diet Coke- but proud of myself).  After a little shopping, I also stopped at Starbucks to read my book for awhile and ordered a Grande Earl Grey black tea.  It wasn't that bad--- I never thought I liked hot tea.  My usual order at Starbucks is either hot chocolate, a very berry refresher, or a creme based frappuccino.  I'll have to bench out and try some other teas as well.  For dinner, I had left over spaghetti squash with meatballs and pasta sauce.  Later at night I had an apple and almond butter.  

Felt pretty good.  Still some intermittent lower back pain.  Not too tired but I didn't do a whole lot.  At least I didn't waste my Saturday napping (which is a common past time).  

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Day 8 is coming to an end!  Did I really just complete 1 week???  I am so proud of myself.  :wub::D

Breakfast today was scrambled eggs topped with salsa and half of an avocado as well as a bowl of fruit (apple, strawberries, and frozen blueberries).  Lunch was left over spaghetti squash with meatballs and pasta sauce (probably should have had a side salad with it but did not).  I went and read a bit at Starbucks again to get out of the house and had another Grande Earl Grey Black Tea.  For dinner I had a large salad with spinach, carrots, peppers, red onion, avocado, and grilled chicken topped with Tessemae's creamy ranch dressing.  Also this evening I made more omelet muffins for this next week of breakfasts, gumbo so that it's ready for some meals later this week, and I made my first batch of Whole30 homemade mayo!  Not too hard with my new Kitchenaid food processor (although I thought I was going to burn out the motor- it took longer than I thought...).

After Starbucks I stopped at Trader Joes and Publix to do my shopping for the week.  I bought the Peach Pear La Croix as a lot of my coworkers LOVE this flavor- so we'll see.  The Berry was starting to grow on me- I think I have 1 or 2 left.  I had to buy some more spices and things- so my bill was higher than I wanted.  Hard to tell if this is going to cost less in the long run than my old habits--- although I'm sure it will because I had a bad habit of going to the grocery store with good intentions and buying a lot of healthy (and non-healthy) things and then it going bad in my fridge because I subsequently at out multiple times during the week for lunch and dinner- therefore spending twice the amount.  

Other thoughts- didn't have the back pain today.  No napping but not really any extra energy or other positives noted yet.  I am getting a lot of love from friends and family on social media.  I'm glad I decided to go public on those sites and feel like it adds some accountability for me.  I like taking pics of my meals too as I think it makes me take an extra step to help make sure my meals look nice and colorful which makes eating a more enjoyable process.  

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Day 9 complete!  

Breakfast was 2 omelet muffins (this week I made them with peppers, onions and sun dried tomatoes---learned today that I don't like the sun dried tomatoes.  At least I only used a smidge of them but I have 10 more "muffins" to get through.  Maybe by the end of the week I'll like them, who knows?), the last of my breakfast potatoes (good thing because I think they hit their limit- today they were kind of tough), and a banana and strawberries.  Lunch was the last of my spaghetti squash with meatballs and pasta sauce (again, a good thing because after 4-5 meals over the past week- I think I've hit my limit on this dish for a little while), a small salad w/ peppers, ranch, and an apple.  As well as the Peach Pear La Croix--- that flavor is delish!  For dinner, I made up some cauliflower rice (a vegetable that I would not have eaten pre-whole 30), and put my gumbo (made yesterday in prep) over it.  The cauliflower rice was pretty good.  Got a bit mushy by the time I was finishing up.  Perhaps this was from the gumbo juices?  Most of time it didn't really feel like I was eating vegetables but occasionally I got the taste of cauliflower which I'm not a fan of yet.  I'm taking some for lunch tomorrow so, we'll see how it heats back up.  

Today, I was super tired and not very productive at work which got me down.  A lot of people are asking me things like- have you lost weight, are your close looser, etc.    Not sure if either of those things have happened (my scale is put away- and I've been too scared to try on clothing that was tight- my work clothes today were pretty lose before I started).  I had a fleeting thought before I came upstairs to prepare for bed about that this is all a bit much- but don't fear- it went away pretty quickly.  Because then I thought I am almost 1/3 through this challenge and I owe it to myself (present and future) to stick it out.  Guess my relationship habits with food have a way to go.  When I started to second guess whether I'm actually going to see scale and non-scale victories and got down emotionally- I began to second guess if it's worth the effort and then thought (briefly) about giving up and going back to old habits.  I'm proud to say that I did not give in and hopefully with time- I'll get better at managing these emotions without turning to or thinking of turning to food.  

Looking forward to tomorrow and better days ahead....

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Day 10 is coming to a close!  Thank goodness.

It was a rough one.  I was tired all day, stressed, bad headaches(took some Advil in morning time at work), and very unproductive (which adds to the stress).  But, I made it through and hope that tomorrow will be better.   

Breakfast was 2 omelet muffins (definitely am not liking the sun dried tomatoes in them!), half an avocado, and a banana.  Don't think that was enough because I ended up having my emergency Lara bar that I keep in my purse around 10:00am when I was at a meeting this morning and then also having my lunch early at 11:15am.  Lunch was cauliflower rice topped with gumbo, apple and celery sticks (both with almond butter), and a Peach Pear La Croix.  I had another snack around 4:30- chicken breast with half an avocado and salsa and then dinner was ranch chicken and potatoes.  Went to Trivia tonight and the food my team was eating (pizza, wings) smelled so delicious but I didn't experience craving/hunger pangs while sitting there so that's good.  I was content with my ice tea since I ate dinner before I went.  

With all this negative feelings I mentioned earlier I have tried to hold on to a positive comment I received today from someone that didn't know I was doing this challenge which is that they thought my face is looking thinner.  So yay!  Even if I'm having difficulty seeing positives at this time- it appears other people are.  So, I tried harder to find some positives--- and a good one tonight was that I realized that my bra was not digging into my sides as much.  So, tomorrow I plan on wearing one that I know I usually feel like I have to take off right when I get home and see if it is more comfortable.  

Having a health screening tomorrow morning for work (yearly bloodworm, thyroid test, glucose test, etc).  So here's hoping that the results are good.  They weren't bad last year.  Just hoping that my poor habits from the last testing to start of whole30 didn't push things out of the good range though.  Not sure 10 days on whole30 is enough to reverse any thing quite yet.  But, either way--- I take comfort in knowing that I am being active in making positive changes regardless.  

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Rachel, I'm so proud of u! Keep it up,  ur doing awesome! I officially start my whole30 tmrw. I've been riding with training wheels for a cpl of weeks since I hated veggies n had a lot of prepping to do so I could set myself up for success n not failure. So 2mrw the training wheels come off n reading ur posts has been inspirational n supportive. And I 4 one am glad u shared it weight n measurements.  It takes guts n commitment, 2 necessary tools to self improvement n whole30! Can't wait 2 c ur progress! BTW,  wud luv 2 hv ur recipes. They sound delish!

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Thank you Veggiehater (I was a vegetable hater before all this as well except for a select few raw veggies- salad, carrots, peppers, etc).  I've found most of recipes on Pinterest and made a Whole30 board and then I've made other boards for each week so I can more easily focus when I sit down to do my grocery list.  But here are links to the few that I've really enjoyed:

meatballs:  https://www.foxandbriar.com/make-ahead-meatballs-paleo-gluten-free-whole-30/

buffalo chicken spaghetti squash: http://therealfoodrds.com/buffalo-chicken-stuffed-spaghetti-squash/

ranch chicken and veggies (potatoes and baby carrots):  https://damndelicious.net/2015/05/08/one-pan-garlic-ranch-chicken-and-veggies/ -- I omitted the brown sugar on the chicken and used this recipe for the ranch seasoning: https://www.thepinningmama.com/whole30-homemade-ranch-seasoning-mix/

omelet muffins:  https://www.ellaclaireinspired.com/delicious-omelet-and-potato-breakfast/ -- I substitute coconut milk for the milk, omit the cheese.  I choose not to put hash browns on the bottom because when I tried before, pre-whole30, they stuck to my muffin tin despite spraying it before hand and I had to toss out my muffin tin.  They freeze up pretty good for a quick go to breakfast.  Not as great as a fresh omelet or scrambled eggs but they get the job done for protein and a little bit of veggies.  

gumbo:  https://fitslowcookerqueen.com/slow-cooker-gumbo/ --- I've been serving it over cauliflower rice (used the recipe in the Whole30 fast and easy cookbook)


Good luck as you start you official Whole30 tomorrow!!!!

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Day 11 complete!  

Had a health screening at work today (basically bloodwork, blood pressure, height, weight, etc) and I resisted looking at or asking them what my weigh in was.  I'll wait for my report to come in a few weeks and by then my whole30 should be complete.  But, because of that, breakfast was delayed to a little later in the day.  For breakfast, I had the last of my ranch seasoned chicken and potatoes as well as a banana.  For lunch, I went to chipotle and had the salad sans dressing with double carnitas, pico, medium salsa, and guacamole.  And for dinner, I had a large plate of spring mix salad w/ peppers, carrots, avocado, and Trader Joe's chili lime chicken burger patty which I sliced up and put on the salad.  Topped the salad with salsa and ranch (last of my Tessamae's- so gonna try making my own ranch going forward).  

Not as stressed today and no headaches!  yay!  Productivity was low and a bit emotional.  Definitely tempted by coworkers snacks (Pringles, caramel corn, chocolate candies).  But I'm more cognizant that I don't REALLY want those things- it's just my poor coping skills.  Because I'm more aware of it and have accountability through my coworkers, social media, and this forum- it is much easier to resist the temptations.  Also, my energy is still low.  Came home from work and laid on the couch after walking the dog instead of heading into the kitchen to start dinner.  Ended up falling asleep.  Made dinner around 8:15pm and then laid on the couch the rest of the night.  Hoping this Tiger blood is coming soon but again, perhaps I should just try and relish in the present day and try and push myself to do more once I get home besides make dinner, eat, and watch tv even if I'm not feeling it.

One other positive- I think my digestive system is getting a bit better.  Feel like I'm having more regular bowel movements and not having as much stomach pain as before.  So, that's a big plus!

Getting closer and closer to the half way mark.  Woo hoo!  

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Day 12 is coming to an end!  Yay!

Breakfast was kind of a disaster.  I tried eating my omelet muffins again and just can't get past the sun dried tomato taste.  I also tried a side salad- spinach with balsamic vinaigrette (did not care for that either).  So besides a few bites of those two dishes, I had a banana with almond butter.  For lunch, I basically had the same thing I had for dinner last night along with an apple and La Croix.  Ran out to Fresh Market beforehand to pick up some more Tesserae's creamy ranch dressing and glad to see it was a dollar less than Whole Foods.  Also happy that it was so close to work.  But, going in the store, especially hungry, was difficult.  Bakery items, etc were screaming my name.  But, I had a mission and succeeded in leaving with just my ranch dressing. :)  For dinner, I had spinach artichoke dip stuffed chicken breasts, sautéed mushrooms, and a side salad (spinach, carrots, peppers and ranch).  The chicken dish was so AMAZING!  Glad I made 2 so I can have it for dinner tomorrow as well.  And, I have extra dip to use with veggies.  

I'm still feeling pretty tired all day.  Productivity was fair but could be better at work.  I've been waiting to feel more energy, thinking that may lead me to exercise or just do other things.  But, maybe I'm approaching it wrong.  I know that exercising can lead to those feelings as well.  Just so hard to overcome the hurdle and I was hoping just making the change in diet would help.  Maybe I just need to prioritize exercise and other hobbies, just like the food?  (I have a history though of trying to change too much at once and getting overwhelmed and just giving up----- so maybe I should just stick with the food for now.  not sure??)

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Day 13 thru 15 (Friday 2/2 thru Sunday 2/4):

Woooo.... I feel like these past few days were day 6 and 7 (per the time line of what to expect) because sleep totally hijacked my body Friday night and all day Saturday (hence no posts on those days).  I feel asleep on the couch watching TV around 8:30pm Friday and woke up around 7:30 to walk the dog and make breakfast and then it was pretty much napping until around 5pm or so.  Friday's meals were scrambled eggs topped w/ salsa and a half an avocado.  Lunch was gumbo and cauliflower rice, apple, and veggies and dip. Dinner was leftover chicken stuffed with artichoke spinach dip as well as a side of sautéed mushrooms.  Saturday, I had scrambled eggs, salsa and a half an avocado again.  Had an apple and almond butter late morning after a nap and then shortly after I had pretty severe stomach pains which lead to about 2 hours of tummy troubles so I skipped lunch.  For dinner, I made ranch seasoned roasted chicken, potatoes, and carrots.  Sunday I slept in late (and so did the dog- which is unheard of!).  But once I was up and going, I pretty much didn't rest much.  I made scrambled eggs again for breakfast topped w/ salsa.  I also had left over potatoes and carrots from Saturday's dinner, and half an avocado.  Then I went to Starbucks and had an Earl Grey black tea (grande) while I searched Pinterest for meal ideas for the upcoming week and made my shopping list.  After hitting up Trader Joes and Whole Foods, I spent the rest of the day making meals, eating dinner (buffalo wings and celery dipped in ranch, and tostones nachos topped w/ carnitas, salsa, avocado, red onion, and sautéed mushrooms.  I did not like the tostones (fried plantains)- so I ate the toppings.), and watching the Super Bowl.   I know the last two days weren't ideal with skipping lunch but Saturday my stomach was upset and eating would have made it worse.  Sunday, I ate breakfast so late and the tea held me over until dinner at 6:30ish.  But also Sunday, my meals weren't very balanced as far as including vegetables.  But, I'll move on and do better throughout the week.

I had another food related dream last night too.  Dreamt I ate a bunch of blueberry muffins and was so distraught.  I thought about keeping it a secret and just keep on with my remaining days vs. admitting to it and starting back at day 1.  Thank goodness it was just a dream!  lol :huh:

Bummed that the weekend is over!  But, hopeful that I'll start feeling the increase in energy and clearer concentration to help me perform better at work. 

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Day 16 complete!


Breakfast was 2 omelet muffins, breakfast potatoes and a banana.  Lunch was ranch chicken, potatoes, and carrots along w/ a spinach salad with peppers and Tessemae's creamy ranch, as well as an apple.  Dinner was just the last of the ranch chicken and potatoes.  Looking back, I had a lot of potatoes today and not much other veggies besides my salad at lunch and the bit in my omelet muffins.

I was tired today but I think that had more to do with staying up late for the Super Bowl and watching This Is Us.  I was also pretty irritable and emotionally sensitive.  Just got into a funk mid morning and couldn't get out of it. That isn't necessarily abnormal for me and is one of the things I was hoping would improve/become more stable.  

I'm wonder if the delay in "feeling the energy" is all my years of poor eating catching up with me now instead of giving me crazy withdrawal symptoms/killer headaches in week 1.  I'm bound to stick this out but can't help having second guessing thoughts as to am I doing this wrong or is it not going to work for me???

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Day 17 is a wrap!


Breakfast was 2 omelet muffins and a banana with almond butter.  I had the last of my gumbo with cauliflower for lunch as well as an apple and La Croix (tasting a whole lot better by the way). For dinner I made the chicken stuffed w/ avocado spinach dip again as I still had dip left from last week.  Tasted just as god today.  I also had a side of sautéed mushrooms and asparagus with it.  And... asparagus is my new veggie of the week.  I don't know if I've ever had it and I definitely have never made it.  It is one of those foods that if offered, I would have just said I don't like it even though I've never tried it (there are a lot of those... and sometimes I convince myself of that so deeply that I truly can't remember if I tried it or not). It really wasn't bad and I was SURE I was going to hate it.  I will try it again for lunch tomorrow as I have some left overs.  But I do think it is something I will buy again and experiment with different preparations.  So, if you have any recipe ideas for it or a friend suggested a dipping sauce (I have no clue what that would be) so ideas there would be welcomed as well.  

As far as non-food updates....  I'm still super tired and emotional today.  Several times today I just wanted to leave work and go home but I stuck it out.  I was on the verge of tears a few times as well.  Not sure what this funk is.  Don't think it's whole30 related as I get this way on occasion before.  I guess at the end of this whole30, if my mood isn't improving it is proof that perhaps some type of additional supports are needed.  BUT.... I'm proud that with feeling this funk that I am NOT turning to fast food or sugar or whatever to try and deal with it.  I think I probably need some other coping strategies than just trying to survive through it but I think I'm taking steps to break this habit.  Hopefully I can keep resisting post whole30 as well.  

Other notes, I am noticing my jacket is getting easier to zip up- not having to suck it in as much to get it initially going.  Also, my calves don't have as much red marks/indentations when I take my boots off after a long work day. Before they were a bit tight and now there is a small bit of room.  My bras are definitely a lot more comfortable.  Sunday, I wore the one that would always have me complaining by like 9:30 in the morning and it was fine all day (8:30am-midnight) !!!  And of course, I'm introducing myself to more types of foods that I would have just discounted before.  

So, while I'm not feeling that Tiger Blood yet, I will keep on.

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Day 18 is coming to an end!

Breakfast was 2 omelet muffins, potatoes, and a banana with almond butter.  Lunch was left over chicken stuffed w/ artichoke and spinach dip as well as the asparagus and mushrooms and an apple and grapes.  For dinner, I had the potato soup that I prepped on Sunday (came out rather thick but still tasty) and I also made greek meatballs and an avocado tzatziki sauce that I put on a salad.  The meatballs taste just like gyro meat flavors and the tzatziki sauce was cool and refreshing.  I've never bought lamb before but have ate it (maybe once or twice).  I'm looking forward to leftovers for tomorrow's lunch.

Still a bit tired but not as excessive.  I felt like I was a bit more productive today at work than I've been the rest of this week so far so yay!  I got a bit of worrisome news after work though.  I got a letter from the group that did my bloodwork from the health screening at work last week (unusual because last year it was handed out at work nice and bound with a page protector, etc.  I called a coworker to see if she received one and she had not so I thought, oh- it's only bad news if you are getting something straight away.  In honesty, I'm not sure what it means.  It just strongly encouraged that I take my results to my doctor (which I do not have one established yet here in Greenville) and that they would review the information, etc.  So, while I try not to freak out- I kind of did.  I had thoughts about why am I doing this program and trying to make changes if I'm just going to have issues anyway.  But then, I kick myself and realize that my blood test was on day 10- hardly enough time for this program to really make any changes.  Also, I have to remind myself that a lot of things are reversible with taking appropriate steps so I'm already 18 days in to making a lot of positive steps.  Any who... I asked for recommendations for MDs and will take the cue to follow up with one and go from there.  Besides the health- my other main concern with this is the financial costs.  While I have insurance, I still need to meet deductibles and co-pays, etc for appointments and let's face it---money is tight.  But, I suppose, we'll just see how it plays out.  

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