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Getting wholesome for my wedding at Everest


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Hi everyone,

I'm very excited to join the Whole 30 community and to begin my  30-day "transformation." My partner and I are getting married at Mount Everest Base Camp this March, and we are doing everything we can to prepare our hearts and bodies for the event.  We are stoked! We are following the Whole 30 Day-by-Day guide by Melissa Hartwig. Today is Day 0 - planning and preparation. We are connecting with the community and plan to officially announce our start date tomorrow on our wedding-story Instagram channel: @HappilyEverestAfter. If any one wants to root us on, we'd love all the support we can get. :)


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Just now, Prime.jz said:

Thanks @ladyshanny-I appreciate the support. We'll follow you as well. Your Stuff on a Plate page is so colorful and delicious looking. I think that's exactly the kind of inspirationwe will need. We're so excited! :) 

Thanks! I normally only update that page in the spring and summer when it's light enough out for long enough to take appetizing pictures of food.  ;) 

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