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Help!  I'm on day 21 and haven't slept properly in over a month.  It wasn't the reason for doing Whole30 but I thought it was a good benefit.  Having done it before I was expecting 7-10 days in, clear head, sleep of kings, great mood etc.  All this eludes me and I don't know why.

I have had a Stroke nearly 30 years ago and so I do have night spasms occasionally but not every night.  I just can't seem to switch my brain off.  I've tried meditation, music for sleep, insomnia guided meditation, nothing works and I'm at the end of my rope.   I'm getting roughly 2 hours a night, for example I was so tired last night that I took myself to bed after I'd sorted my children out so lights were out by 7:45pm! by 9:30pm I'm awake and apparently that was all the sleep I was getting.  WTF?

Does anyone have any ideas?  Hubby thinks it could be lack of calories but I'm not hungry or anything and definitely not counting calories so I'm stuck.  I'm just not getting the sleep I need (because of Stroke fatigue I have to have a solid 7-8hrs a night) and am just not functioning anymore.  #zombie

Please help...

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It's really hard for us to say why this might be with no detail that relates to your Whole30. You might try giving us a rundown on what you've been eating, stress, sleep hygiene, exercise etc and we can see if anything stands out. 

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