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Day 17...Not Hungry


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To start, this is my 3rd round of Whole30 (1st - Nov 2016, 2nd Jan 2017).  I know each round is different but I've run into some challenges the last several days.  Since about day 13 I have not felt hungry.  Or maybe, better stated, nothing is appetizing (I still have hunger pangs and my stomach rumbles).  Now, I know this is the time when food boredom sets in but I've been switching up my recipes!  Made some delicious things I just don't want to eat them.  As a result of not eating as much I've been a lot more tired too.  (On past WH30 rounds I was feeling Tiger Blood and firing on all cylinders by this point.)  I also work out regularly and need to make sure I'm fueling my workouts.

The only other thing I've changed over the past several days is I started taking the 'Calm' brand Magnesium supplement as recommended by my personal trainer.  I wouldn't think that would affect appetite but I don't know.

Any advice on how to tackle this?

Thank you!

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Honestly, the only way through is........through. Keep making template meals and eating them. Lack of appetite followed by under-eating begets further lack of appetite. It's a vicious circle. You're definitely not the only one that goes through this! Push on and you'll turn the corner!

This is an excellent thread that applies directly to your concern: 


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