Asthma is getting worse on the Whole 30


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I started the Whole 30 three days ago. Although my asthma is under control and I rarely have to use my inhaler, the first three days of being on the 30 have been horrible. I was up all night with asthma attacks. This is very unusual. Did anyone else have the same issue? I'm really concerned because I might have to stop the 30 if I keep wheezing like this. Also, there is nothing that i'm eating that would trigger an attack. I've been eating kale, spinach, potatoes, chicken... all of the foods I ate before starting 30. HELP!

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Sorry you're not feeling well, Janice. Unfortunately no one here is medically trained to be able to make recommendations specifically towards an uptick in symptoms. I've never heard of this and if you're not eating anything that has ever bothered you before, you might want to just head to a doctor. It's reasonably common for folks starting out on Whole30 to get a cold or fight off an illness (especially in cold and flu season) so maybe that could be it? There's really nothing about eating protein, veggies and fat that should cause breathing trouble.

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