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Phx - Day One breakfast and thoughts


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My Day One breakfast - two eggs scrambled in ghee with onion, mushrooms, bell pepper, zucchini and yellow squash.  A cup of tea, no sugar, no milk.  

Looking forward to kicking the sugar habit.  I've read the book, looked over the recipes, got in a few days worth of ingredients for meals.  The hardest thing, so far, (and yes, I know it's not supposed to be hard) is giving up my coffee creamer.  The funny thing is, I drank my coffee black for years, but once I discovered flavored creamers, I can't seem to stand the taste of black coffee.  Plus black coffee seems to make me nauseous and give me a headache.  So, I'll switch to tea for now.  Doesn't seem to have the same effect.  

I did weigh and measure this morning, then put the scales away in the closet.  (Might put them in the trunk of my car instead.)  Because, this time, it's not about the weight, though losing some would be great.  It's about kicking the sugar demon.  I have a feeling the sugar demon ain't gonna like it, but I'm going to give this my best shot.  

Wish me luck!!

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