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Not sleeping and crazy skin


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Hi friends!

This is R2 day 20. R1, however happened just before I got pregnant, from there on I went on a real spiral. In the last few months I’ve used a glass of wine or 2 to help me sleep. After a few days on Whole30 my sleep improved drastically, but now I’m having a lot of trouble falling asleep. I cut off my caffeine intake after 10 a.m, I’m not intaking much in the way of carbs before bed and I have unflavored Natural Calm about an hour before I lie down. I’m not particularly anxious, I just lie there for hours I am in the process of creating a better routine and sleep hygiene. Any other ideas? 

I’ve also been dealing with a little eczema for about 6 months. Usually just one patch, but shortly after I started 3 patches came up in addition to the one I already have. I’m wondering if it’s just my body throwing a fit that I took it’s junk food away. I’m contemplating extending my Whole30 or beginning to eliminate eggs to see if they are having an impact. 


I know from R1 that I want to stick to this for the amazing benefits. I do have some NSV’s for sure, but the sleep and skin are really bothering me. Maybe my body needs more healing before the reintroduction?

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Some skin conditions get worse before they get better, especially eczema, in my experience.

For sleep you can try adding a starchy veggie to your last meal of the day, that can help with sleep. If you are eating fruit or starches with your first meal, remove them and replace with non-starchy veggies as that has been anecdotally shown to affect sleep. 

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