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Day 10 and mouth full of cold sores!!


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9 minutes ago, Catcam said:

I️ did and seems others have had a similar issue,  but no one seems to know why

Cold Sores flares can be stressed induced so it's possible that part of the stress of changing the way you eat (which is not an easy or stress free thing) is contributing.  It's also possible that it's a coincidence... often coldsores can find their way out when our lips and skin are dry and chapped and it IS winter season so that's not out of the realm of possibility either.

Is it possible that you got one coldsore and it's spread a la impetego?  You might do a bit of research online if you're not familiar with impetego; this isn't really the place for that kind of discussion of coldsore care but just a thought that you might look into.

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Have you been eating a lot of nuts? Foods high in arginine will allow the virus to multiply. Foods high in lysine will halt that process. Folks susceptible to cold sores should limit high arginine foods. 

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