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Day 2: barely eating, recipes don't taste good, cravings are insane.

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This is only day two, and technically day one again (due to 5 oz of wine that snuck in last night). In the past I've had issues with eating, if something doesn't taste good... I won't eat it. Leftovers are hard for me. Also, I work a demanding schedule that only allows for 2 real meals a day (unless I eat right before bed). 

I was so excited to start, and the recipes looked delicious, but now... they are bland. Im frustrated thinking I will not eat anything "good" for another 30 days. I know this is mainly sugar. However, how do I deal? 

Yesterday my total consumption was 2 boiled eggs, black coffee, some carrot sticks, 1/2 serving of sweet potato soup,  a few bites of balsamic roasted sweet potato and Brussels sprouts, and an apple. 

Today I have a raging headache and am very irritable. Help. 

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Most people tend not to eat things that don't taste good, I know I wouldn't. It's a bit soon in your process (barely Day 2) for all recipes to be looking bland. What was your intake like before Whole30? 

You don't appear to have any fat with your meal which is probably why you're not that jazzed about food in general. Fat is flavour and satiety and interest. 

The raging headache isn't surprising, you barely ate one meal worth of food for the entire day.

Our recommendation is to make and eat a template meal every 4-5 hours (so three times a day for most people) as this is the minimum amount of food a human being needs to thrive.

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