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Loss of Appetite (2nd Whole30)


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I am on day 16 of my 2nd whole30.   I have not had much of an appetite at all, I have had to force myself to eat most of my meals.   During my first whole30, I was always hungry, snacking all day and starving when it came to mealtime.  This time:

  • I had the stomach flu from day 9-12 but did not have much of an appetite before I got sick.
  • My wife is not doing the Whole30 with me, but I am doing 90% of the cooking so most meals are Whole30 anyways.
  • Been working out 4-5 days a week plus skiing one day a week.
  • Cut coffee out of my diet completely this time.
  • Sleeping normally.
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Sometimes the loss of appetite thing happens, but you do need to be sure you're eating. Not eating can sometimes lead to continuing to not feel hungry, which just perpetuates the problem. Stress could cause you to be less hungry, and some medications or illnesses could also cause it. If it was related to the flu or anything you were taking for it, you'd expect it to be clearing up pretty soon now.

In general, try to think of anything that does sound good to eat. Are you the type that likes familiar foods most of the time -- if so, make some of those. If you think this is at all food boredom and you're tired of the same things all the time, now would be the time to look for some new recipes with new flavors you might not have tried before. (www.meljoulwan.com is a good source of mostly Whole30 recipes with a focus on spices and flavors)

Whatever type of food you think you could eat, I'd recommend that you eat within an hour of waking up in the morning, and then eat something every 4-5 hours after that (obviously, if you're hungry between meals, it's fine to eat -- but if you continue to not really feel hungry, set a timer and eat something).  

If you feel like your workouts are not helping you be healthier right at this moment -- if you think your time might be better spent getting more rest, or doing just some gentle stretching, or hiking/getting outdoors somewhere -- consider taking a break from them, especially if you're truly not eating enough to fuel them. If you feel like they are doing you good, if you physically feel better doing them than you would not, that's fine, but do try to add some post-workout food, a few bites of lean protein at least. 

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