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Hi, I am new to the website and first time I try Whole 30.... I am in day 16 and so far so happy with results as I feel much better :) till yesterday when I think I have slipped but not sure ...

I love shrimp Cocktail Salad, so to avoid conventional mayonnaise I went to Mom's Health store and I got "Coconaise "labelled as the first Coconut Oil Mayonnaise http://coconaise.com

I skimmed through ingredients and all seemed compliant, also when I got home I checked on Amazon. com ( see attached) the question was asked that it's whole 30 compliant!  I also bought the only Ketchup from Mom's that I though has no sugar labelled Unsweetened Ketchup  http://www.westbrae.com/products/condiments/uu.php 

Anyways I had two meals with it and I am so confused now if it's compliant or not, I am in day 16 so in case it's not compliant do I have to restart??  I doubled checked some of the other things in my fridge - I also noticed that a Hot Sauce that I was using last 2 weeks has ZERO sugar in gm but in ingredients its listed sugar! which is very weird to me? Please advise if it's OK to continue like this or have to restart ...



Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 10.07.52 AM.png

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Coconaise: no. It has organic cane juice. See this screen right from their own website: http://coconaise.com/brochure/

The ketchup is also a no as it has maltodextrin which is a sweetener: Ingredients: Water, tomato paste (from red ripe tomatoes), apple cider vinegar, salt, onion, maltodextrin (from corn), spice, natural flavor.

You can try making your own condiments. Search Whole30 mayo recipe and Whole30 ketchup recipe on google for a tonne of results.

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