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Yeast infection

Nikki T

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I am on day 25.  I started experiencing symptoms of a yeast infection about a week ago.  I treated with a one-day Monistat treatment, but continued to experience a milder form of symptoms.  I started a three-day treatment 2 days ago with minimal relief.  Please don't suggest its a different STD.  I'm in a monogamous marriage and 100% sure of fidelity. Other than this side effect, I feel great with my new way a eating.  However, I'm sure this side effect is dietary related.  Anyone else have this experience? 

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Have you googled 'whole30 yeast infection' or looked around the site to see if there are other threads?  This is not super common but not rare so there are discussions already out there... go ahead and google and see if you can find some info... when I did that google search just now, it came up with some blogs, some forum posts and a reddit thread list which might have info.

We would also recommend seeing a doctor if you are very uncomfortable or worried about this as we cannot dispense medical advise.

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Definitely see a doctor if you're still uncomfortable. There are other conditions that mimic yeast infection symptoms, such as BV, that can't be treated with over the counter yeast infection treatments. Also, probiotic foods could potentially help balance out your flora, so if you're not using them at this point, it might be worth a try to add some in.

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Saw this post and I'm experiencing one at the moment. I'm only on Day 5 and it started around Day 3. I'm very sensitive down there and take a probiotic anyway so I'm kind of annoyed that I won't know what foods help to prevent this. As posted before I guess I will Google and see if anyone else has been experiencing this. Thanks!

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I had one with my last pregnancy that no medicine could clear up. After doing some research, I began drinking a concoction of hot water, lemon, apple cider vinegar, and ginger. Worked wonders. 

3C hot water. Clean and quarter a lemon and squeeze it into the water. I throw the whole thing in. Add 3T acv.  Grate a thumb sized portion of ginger into your cup. Let steep for 15 minutes, and sip throughout the day. 

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