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I’m confused because we are told to listen to our bodies to determine whether we need a snack or extra fat etc. But not to listen to our bodies when we’re not hungry? I’m on Day 3 and have been compliant but I am eating much later in the evening then I normally do, because I’m just not hungry but am forcing myself to get the three meals in. Eating just before bedtime packs on the pounds for me. I’ve noticed that not only has my face broken out in acne , my double chin is more pronounced, and I’m concerned that forcing three meals with fat when I’m not hungry and eating late is to blame. Can you not eat if still full from breakfast at lunch, or from lunch at dinner. I am following the meal template as I am transitioning from an (unhealthy) vegetarian diet and want to be sure I’m compliant, but feel like I’m forcing myself to eat and it’s resulting in noticeable weight gain or bloat, acne as welll as constipation. Can I not eat if not hungry and if I can reduce portions of the template where Can I do so? Also is bulletproof coffee with ghee and mct oil allowed and if so, what should it be eaten with?

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Thanks for responding! This morning I had the kitchen sink scrambled eggs from the Whole 30 book ( half a portion) an hour later a black coffee, I was so full that I didn’t eat lunch until 3pm and that was grilled rockfish salad on a bed of Spinach, onion peppers, tomato and avocado and I had a spindrift to drink ( no sugar added sparkling water).  I didn’t eat dinner until 8 and that was yesterday’s breakfast of grilled salmon, broccoli, roasted carrots and onions, mixed together and fried as a salmon cake.  


Breakfast- Bulletproof coffee with ghee and brain octane oil and the grilled salmon and roasted veggies mentioned above

lunch- flank steak, banana and almond butter

dinner- tuna tartare with avocado 


Breakfast - Bulletproof coffee with gheeand bulletproof brain octane oil, two eggs, chives and spinach (olive oil)

Lunch- grilled chicken breast on a bed of lettuce and about 1/4 cup roast veggies

dinner- grilled chicken breast and roasted broccoli, chives and thyme ( olive oil)








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