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Hi there,

Our recommendations are that you create your meals so that they last you 4-5 hours, thus negating the need for snacks and also giving your digestive system a chance to rest. We're not really meant to graze all day long. 

If you do need something between meals until you can figure out how much you need to get you from one to the next, prioritize protein and fat. So hardboiled eggs and guacamole or chicken thigh and mayo. 

Once you get away from the "snacking" mindset, you may find it quite freeing to only have to worry about three meals each day!


Edited to add: fruit recommendation is up to 1-2 fist sized servings per day and WITH your meals, not as standalone snacks. Just to be clear. There is no actual requirement for fruits.

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I was feeling like I needed a snack between lunch and dinner during week 1, and a few times I had maybe 6-8 almonds, cashews or macadamia nuts to tide me over. I think I needed more fat, so I added some avocado at breakfast and lunch, and after the first week, I found I didn't need a snack. I think snacking can be largely psychological too, so maybe you could take a walk or have a cup of tea or something to distract you? I think for me it was the 3 pm afternoon boredom snack I was craving. Day 30 and it is gone-yay! Good luck! 

Just realized since this is in the athletes section, maybe you are referring to pre and post-WO meals...if that is the case, I have used a spoonful of cashew butter for pre-WO and chicken sausages and sweet/regular potatoes for my post-WO mini-meals. There are lots of posts on this topic, too :) 

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