HELP! Did I sabotage my WHOLE30?


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I am on DAY 25 of my very first WHOLE30 and I'm wondering if I've failed myself by allowing too much dried fruit and nutbutters?

I rationalized that a bit more nut butter was okay because I am following the meat eaters plan but I do not eat meat (no tofu, lentils, no edamame etc) so, it's actually a seemingly good source of fat and protein. Even though I don't have cravings I have now realized that dried fruit and nut butters are no brakes foods for me and I plan to remove them entirely for what's left of this process. I should add I have been experiencing tigers blood so I must be doing something right but I guess I'm hoping someone with similar habits can tell me if this behavior destroyed their WHOLE30 weight loss? 


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Sorry, you don't eat meat but in brackets you're referring to meat as tofu, lentils or edamame? What have you been eating for protein sources? Nuts/nut butters are a fat source.

It's not an immediate start-over but if there were "relationship with food" issues you wanted to work on, you might want to keep going to get that stuff nailed down.

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