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5 days in to second run


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Did whole30 a few months back and wow! what a difference it made, but somehow or another within that few months I am back to eating junk on the run (I do mean junk) and having a daily white mocha (sometimes 2)....crapola!!!!!

So now I am 5 days into a new 30 days. It has been rough start and the more I read labels the more frustrated I get at how companies make the food we eat. I cant even find a decent store bought seasoning salt without sugar in it. Anyway I wont get on the band wagon, anyone who does whole30 knows.

Just want to thank all the posters in these forums on some of the great recipes, can I have it topics, support and great stories. 25 days to go, but I am not looking at it like that. I dropped 8 pounds last time I did whole30 (and I ate a lot...just ate the right stuff) and felt great. I am not sure why the old habits kicked up. 30 days to kick 30 years of bad habits.....time to try again. And after those 30 days I will have some reading and questions about adding a few things to my diet, but I think I am in this for the long haul and not just 30 days. 

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