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Living in Germany


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My husband works for the military in Germany so we are not able to have meat products sent over and a few other food items . I can not read all the labels at the grocery store even with google translate. Do you have any suggestions or know if there are any coaches that are possibly over here. I do have access to the military base and do a lot of my shopping there but again not a lot of compliant options.

thanks so much.

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Have you tried googling Whole30 in Germany or something similar? That might be the best way to get information quickly. While I'm sure we've had people in Germany on the forum, I don't know if any are active right now.

Try to focus on vegetables and meat and healthy fats -- you don't need the convenience foods that you'll see mentioned by a lot of people. If you can find a butcher who can tell you about ingredients in things like sausages, you may be able to find some that work for you. Otherwise, look for fresh raw meats to cook, fresh vegetables, eggs -- things that don't need ingredient labels. 

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Hi Lovewhatyahave,

I'm in Germany, too. Military as well.

I know it's frustrating when you scroll through Pinterest and see all these lists like "Costco Whole30 must haves" or "Trader Joe's Essentials for Whole30"; however, I'm on day 23 and it's not bad finding good food. You just won't find as many convenient options as you would in the US or UK, and we haven't even tried to eat out.

Here are my tips:

Buy at the Commissary:

Beef: I can get organic grass fed beef and bison (freezer section). Also, beef in Germany is expensive (thanks, mad cow disease)

Ground turkey: again organic stuff in the freezer section. I use it to make turkey sausage since it's HARD to find compliant sausage here. They love the wurst, but they love it with added sugar.

Ground chicken: frozen section

Almond butter: Maranatha brand. Make sure it's the kind that is just almonds. 

Coconut milk, coconut oil, Frank's Red Hot, and most spices.

Our PX carries some EPIC brand jerky and some compliant flavors of Larabars for emergency situations. They also have the single serve packets of Justin's Almond butter (great for travel)

Buy on the economy:

EGGS! The fresh, local ones, that you don't have to put in the fridge because they haven't chemically washed off the natural, protective cuticle.

Produce. Germans are naturally good about local stuff and you don't have to worry about translating ingredients.

Ghee - Alnatura or Denn's Biomarkt carry a great brand.

Sauerkraut- if you get it at the natural food store, it's not pasteurized so you get all the good bacteria.


Coconut Aminos-- had no luck in any stores, but Amazon.de carries it.

Good luck!

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