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Sore throat and terrible cough - can I use lozenges or cough syrup


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I'm starting to come down with something, cold or 'flu I don't know yet but it's on it's way and started with a scratchy throat and cough.

I'm currently on Day 34 of my extended Whole40 and I desperately want to take some cough syrup or lozenges, all of which are full of sugar!  I've resisted so far but I'm wondering what other people think? 

I've checked out the Whole30 101 for colds and flu which was really helpful but I haven't been able to find anything on this specific point and would really appreciate some guidance.

This is my second full Whole30 which I've extended to 40 days because I was still snacking way too much and although they were all compliant snacks (fruit, nuts and dried meats) wasn't seeing the benefits I should have been as a result. I'm so pleased with how I've been doing in resisting those temptations, especially in the last 10 days after I realised the connection, and I don't want to undo all that good when I am so close to the end...!

Any advice most gratefully received!


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