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First whole 30 and feeling amazing!


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So I am finishing up my very first whole 30 and I feel great. I have more energy, my IBS is pretty much gone, F2ABFDB6-82B7-4061-A182-781BEE44E9FF.thumb.jpeg.78272a4fc6cf2061335a15eeaef64b27.jpegand I have lost 13 lbs!!! 

I will be honest I’m scared to go back to my old habits so I am going to enjoy the weekend and then probably continue most of these new habits. 

This past year I lost my father and I have been all over the place with weight,  emotional ups and downs and lots of anxiety, drinking too much just bad habits, I really needed a change. This literally  was a life changer. I wasn’t sure I could actually get through 30 days, but I was commited. The first week and a half was a bit rough and I was in a bad mood but it all paid off for sure! 

I am grateful and thankful to a friend that inspired me to do it after seeing her success and I’m really grateful for this program! 

Thank you! 

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Congrats on finishing !!! I, like you, had a rough year....I lost my Mom and that emotional hit caused me to eat and drink way to much. Doing Whole30 pulled me out of that spiral and I am so thankful for that. A true life changer!!! Good luck to you and keep your chin up....I am sure your Dad will be looking down on you with pride!

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