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DAY 30 and TIGERBLOOD shows up!


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Pre-Whole 30

1.    I never owned a scale, so I would not know how much I weighed prior to my first Whole30. I am normally a size 4 (Small) in clothes. I had a baby 22 months ago that increased my clothing size to size 6-8 (Medium). I probably gained 10-15 pounds. Being 5 feet tall, minor weight gain shows. 
2.    I plan to breastfeed until my child turns 2.
3.    I ate paleo and followed Mark Sisson's Primal Blueprint. I limit bread and grains to once a month or during special occasions BUT I love QUINOA. I have it almost everyday.
4.    I developed the following addictions and bad habits since I had a baby: Café Latte 3x a week; occasional chips and salsa that I enjoy with my husband; Ben&Jerry’s Chocolate therapy once a week; breakfast at Whole Foods hot bar (I thought that was healthy). I also developed dandruff and itchy scalp since started eating these foods.
5.    I never really paid attention to ingredients.

Whole30 Summary

I looked at my pantry and found out all the food I stocked were non-compliant! . I never thought how much they put sugar and soy in everything! So, Sir Kensington Mayo, Braggs Liquid Aminos, Balsamic Vinegar, Apple Gouda sausages, etc, all had to either to find a new home or frozen for later.

Day 1-14: I cooked 2 weeks worth of food. I had all the energy. I was excited and feeling great. I ate salad for dinner for 14 days.

Day 15-22: Upset stomach; flatulence; diarrhea; (found out I couldn’t handle raw veggies); weird dreams (i had a dream that Melissa Hartwig was hitting my behind with a broomstick for eating tortilla chips); had a hard time sleeping (waking up in the middle of the night); struggled with making meals; I had the NOROVIRUS!

Day23-28: I felt like a zombie! I wanted to quit. I slept early to pass the time. I was very unhappy. I just ate whatever that is compliant. 

Day29: Just cruising. 



-While I’m not glowing, my skin is smoother and had less breakouts.
-My hair is finally growing longer, especially the ones I lost post partum.
-My size 4 (Small) clothes look much better on me. My size Medium clothes are so loose now.
-Less inflamed belly area.
-My wedding band is not that tight anymore.


1.    I am not ready to weigh myself. I think I would have been more successful with my first round of Whole30 if I had good sleep. So, that is my new goal. Get good sleep. It’s really hard because I co-sleep with my baby and I still nurse on demand.
2.    I will limit Quinoa in my diet. Definitely will limit noncompliant items.
3.    I have conquered my café latte addiction. Happy with just black coffee or iced coffee with hazelnut nutpods creamer.
4.    I don’t crave for chips and salsa but still struggling on wanting ice cream. 

I could have done better, but that’s me, I still had positive results. Finishing Whole30 is the best 34th birthday gift I could have given myself! My confidence has increased and I feel much more youthful. I am planning on doing another round in August 2018. Oh, the possibilities!

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That's awesome! I got sick during this W30 also and it's a total bummer! I knew I had tiger blood because I almost fought off the sick and recovered more quickly than I usually do when I get ill, but my prime tiger blood week was consumed with a heavy cold. Maybe now that you're feeling better postpone reintros for a bit to hold on to the TB?

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32 minutes ago, GigisTurn said:

I did reintroduction today. I do not feel well at all! Bad idea! So, I might go back to eating Whole30 or Keto on Feb 1st. 

Reintroduction is a process so make note of what item you reintroduced and how it makes you feel and then you use that data to make a WholeGigisTurn.  It may or may not look similar to Whole30 - WholeSugarcube is very similar to Whole30... always template meals, always food I make myself but condiments can have sugar in them and a little canola oil doesn't hurt me... You have to find your map and whatever it is today that made you feel bad might not be on that map.

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