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Day 31!


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Hi All,

As of tomorrow morning my whole 30 will be complete!  I've been looking through a lot of the posts and I'd love some additional advice. 

I've been dealing with IBS issues for 8-10 years so I decided to give Whole 30 a shot!  (I'm also getting food sensitivity blood work done to see if it matches up with my real life experiences).  For the most part I've felt pretty decent during Whole 30, a lot better than I normally do!!  I've definitely been gassy & bloated at times, and constipated and miserable at times but for the most part I've felt good and my stomach has been good which is beyond amazing!  It did freak out one night - and I noticed that it was the week (and the day) I was eating a lot of red meat and almonds.  I've since cut both of those out and I've felt better again. 

So here's my questions:

How do I go about testing those foods again?  Same way I do for all the other re-introductions?  And with those, do I have to eat a little bit of legumes (if that's what I'm testing) at breakfast, lunch & dinner or can I just eat some during one meal to test them out?  I'm not sure I want to eat red meat for breakfast, lunch & dinner or any of these foods for that matter because I don't want to be miserable all day, or all the next day.   But if that is the protocol - and the for sure way to tell, I will definitely do it for legumes, non-gluten grains and gluten grains, same goes for red meat & almonds.  I am not re-introducing dairy bc I already know it messes me up and I'm lactose intolerant.  Haven't eaten it for years.

I could really use some advice - I don't want to mess up everything I've worked so hard to do! 

And if I don't feel great tomorrow (Day 31) - do you recommend delaying the start of the re-introductions until I do??

Thank you so very much!!!

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I want to hear what other people say, too. Previously, I did the reintroduction with legumes, for example, by consuming multiple legume items in one day. Hummus at lunch, peanut butter and soy sauce stirfry for dinner. It seems more reasonable that I should test the food the way I'd actually like to consume it again (I just want soy sauce back in my life occasionally). Does that mean longer wait time in between test foods since the issue might be less noticeable or immediate?

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7 minutes ago, Risa_Castro said:

I'm still dealing with constipation

Hey @Risa_Castro - do you have a food log I can look at re the constipation?

Re the reintroductions I'd say yes, you need a separate day for both red meat & almonds - if you're particularly sensitive then just the one portion at one meal might suffice, but sometimes it's about 'dosage' and so it may take a build up of a food in your system before you see symptoms which is why a small amount at each meal is recommended. That said, if these are foods you'd only normally eat occasionally then IMHO it would be enough to know how one serving would effect you so that you can decide if that one portion would be worth it.

Hope this helps.

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@jmcbn  I do intend to introduce red meat and almonds on separate days, and will eat whole 30 as many days as it takes in between to feel better (if it affects me in a negative way).  I will treat them like i would legumes, soy, non-gluten grains, gluten grains, etc.  I am also getting blood work done so I am hoping that will provide some insight.

Here is my food log:

Wake up 7 am: coffee w/ coconut milk

Get to work at 8am: banana, grapes, blueberries, apple (some type of fruit)

Breakfast at 10am: 2 egg cups (they consist of bell peppers, onion, spinach, mushrooms and bacon) or 1 egg cup and 1 hard boiled egg, side of bacon (2 slices, sugar-free, low sodium) w/ 1/2 cup to 1 cup sweet potatoes or roasted red potatoes and 1/2 avocado, more coffee with coconut milk if i want it but mainly water water water

Perhaps my breakfast has too much fat?

Lunch at 2pm: 6 oz chicken breast with cauliflower rice and stir fry veggies (broccoli, carrots & sugar snap peas), usually add a little coco aminos or hot sauce for some flavor

4-4:30 pm: snack if i desire, more fruit or raw carrots/celery

5:30 pm: workout

Dinner at 7:30-8pm: Monday it was salmon, cauli rice and same veggies, last night it was pork chops, red potatoes & green beans, tonight i intend to eat a turkey burger with some kale, spinach, & red onions.

I was able to go yesterday morning because I added in about 3-4 prunes Monday night.  Just to be clear - when I saw consitpated, I am able to go a "little bit" just not regular and not normal and today so far nothing.  It makes me bloated & miserable and I have no desire to eat...  any advice would be nice.  I plan to cut out the coconut milk to see if that makes a difference.  I am trying to up my fiber intake as well - I already drink a ton of water.


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Are you adding fat to lunch and dinner?  If not, try that - add fat to your plate, regardless of the fat your food was cooked in.  I think it helps with regularity.  You could also try Natural Calm (a magnesium supplement) before bed.  Just go slow with dosage because it can have the opposite effect.

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I think you're probably low on fat as @berry straw has said, and I think you *might* be eating too much in the way of sugars.... How many portions of fruit are you breaking your fast with in the morning? Could you switch the fruit for protein & fat? And leave the potatoes/sweet potatoes for later in the day? Could the pm snack be more along the lines of a protein & fat too? Or just fat? It's pretty much a preWO meal given that you're training an hour later and the recommendation would be for a protein and/or fat rather than a fast fuel in the form of carbs...

Could you eat the potatoes cold? Resistant starch will help with the constipation as the starch is not digested by the gut in the same way as hot potatoes... 

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@berry straw @jmcbn I most definitely can switch all my snacks to protein and fat if that will help!  I normally just eat one serving of fruit in the morning so cup of berries or apple or banana.  I can just eat my eggs and bacon or eggs and turkey sausage w/ no potatoes and no fruit and see if that helps.


Tips for other protein/fat combos you guys eat??

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