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grokette's first W30 - 1/1 - 1/31


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Welcome to my log! This will be my first "real" Whole30! I've done about 2 weeks last year, and another 2 weeks before Thanksgiving, but am ready to do the whole 30 days now! :)

My goals for the 30 days:

  • Begin to slay the evil sugar dragon!...I don't expect to completely starve this evil dragon to death in the course of 30 days, but I want to make good progress towards doing so. Over the holidays, I have consumed way more sugar/splenda than usual, and Paleo will help me stop cold turkey!
  • Become fat adapted....I want my body to not feel dependent on carbs for energy, this will be especially important in the spring/summer when I begin cycling long distances and am usually depending on gels/shot blocks/Gatorade loaded w/ extra sugar.
  • Eat GOOD food! I'm am sick of feeling like I "need" crappy food - cereal, brownies, etc. I'm excited to try some new Paleo recipes.
  • Eat only when hungry - sounds obvious. In ISWF they mention if you're not hungry enough to eat steamed fish and broccoli, it's a craving. This one ties in taking down the sugar dragon. ;)

My workouts will consist of 45 min long "boot camp" type classes at the local YMCA, along with an occasional spin class thrown in there.

I've already made some cocoa almonds and salmon for the upcoming week, and did my grocery shopping yesterday! :D Good luck to everyone else starting 1/1!

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