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Whole30 2.0 (won, fallen, gotten up and dusted myself offff...)


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Okay, you live and learn. No harm done, pick yourself up and whole30 on...

Yes, yesterday was my day 30 and I lost it at dinner time. I made an error in judgement that let me be so down and out I couldn't get myself to make a Whole30 compliant diner to pick me up. My boyfriend couldn't help me either he was desperate for some pizza or some other "junk food"  after me feeding him all these healthy meals for weeks. So we ordered in and yes my meal wasn't compliant. I ordered backed potatoes and pasture raised chicken satay, obviously the satay wasn't whole30 but I dit enjoy it the way Melissa has thought us. With full attention, loving every bite of it, until I didn't and then I stopped and it was okay.

So, Winning in losing, I would say. My January whole30 wasn't a bust and I feel no guilt. Also, I was planning on making it a more personalized Whole60 so today I will just whole30 on and am on day 1 of my second round.

In a older topic I talked about eliminating more because I wasn't feeling that Energy surge yet and am still dealing with a couple of health issues that I know from previous whole30 experiences normally does clear up within the 30 days. Though it wasn't a bad thing because I got what I wanted from this first round. 

Most NSV's have to do with mental improvements. I feel lighter, more clear headed, happier and stronger mentally. I sleep better and anxieties are gone. I have had a rough 2017 where I burned out and had to work hard in finding myself again. So Mental improvements where my first priority. Feeling good about myself and my life again.   Also, my main focus food wise was learning to eat more veggies and the right portion sizes for me to keep to three meals a day without wanting to binge on sugar and carbs. I needed to break my comfort food habit. So I started eating very low carb, with no physical activities whatsoever to give my body time to regulate my blood sugar and slay that sugar and carb dragon I have been dealing with for too long. Gradually I introduced potatoes a couple of nights (sweet and white) and I am happy to report there wasn't any horrible cravings after diner like there used to be after eating potatoes. Though I don't feel great about the sweet potatoes. Also physically I kept feeling worse instead of better. I thought I had to eliminate more and see if there's a plateau of food sensitivities I do not know about and need to know.


This weekend I overdid it. We are renovating and I had hours of hard physical labour on saturday and on sunday and I didn't do enough mealwise to help my body through this so it crashed hard. Monday I was dangling on the edge of fever and pain, I know I get this when I ask to much of my body so I was prepared for that. But what I didn't foresee is the heavy impact on my mental health. I felt down and almost depressed on Monday, then yesterday I had a workday at the office. this still also is a very hard blow to my mental and physical self and was just too much after nog having recovered yet from this weekend. So I crashed and caved. But it's okay. It's okay cause it actually was nice, I enjoyed it and didn't make it a sympathy comfort food kinda meal, but a feast and nurturing one in the sense that my body really needed some carbs and my mind really needed some food to enjoy instead of having to eat a certain way because I can't have everything. It was okay because it didn't actually eave me that bloated (I was more bloated from the physical labour and I think too many eggs the previous days) and just left me very gassy for a few hours. I slept like baby and didn't experience any night sweats as I did in the past. Also, this morning I was okay and just carried on and made myself a delicious Whole30 day 1 breakfast.

I have learned a lot from this experience:

- I now know that I am okay with a certain amount of carbs (white potatoes) with diner and am ready to learn my limitations within this;
- I now know that I really need to keep in mind the mental impact physical labour has on me, and not just think about the reaction my body will have
- I now know that I am not ready and thus not willing to limit my food options even more;
- I now know that when I think I should take an epsom/magnesium salt bath after a day of hard labour I really oughta do it, instead of being stubborn and just shower and carry on

So, here's the plan!

1. Keep calm and Whole30 on
2. Limit eggs (I think I ate way too much because they are a cheap protein source and very easy breakfast food)
3. Limit Avocado (just stick to the occasional creamy salad dressing or guacamole instead of adding it for extra fat source to one meal almost every day
4. Eat more carbs on physical (aka renovation) days by experimenting with adding a bit of fruit back in my diet and eating white potatoes at diner
5. Make sure I have absolutely no excuse not to soak in a magnesium loaded hot bath for 20 minutes after each hard day (this means mentally and physically exhausting days)

So, I already had a foreseeing eye egg wise and bought some protein for my breakfast the next few days and I already set up a meal plan for next week so I have plenty of time to make sure I do all my grocery shopping and meal prepping in advance to make the exhausting days as easy peasy as possible. I planned where I need to have made my bathsalt in advance, lay out my clothes and such to just mindlessly fill up a bath after a hard day and not have to think about it. When I need to make certain condiments and salad dressings and meal preps so that I can eat my lunch and make our diner without any effort on those same days.

I feel confident that this second whole30 will help me get even closer to my ultimate goal.

I made 2018 the year of my health!


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