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Probiotic or Digestive Enzyme that are Whole30 Compliant?


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Hey @PrimalPanda & welcome to the forums....

I'm in Ireland so unlikely to be able to recommend anything you'd find where you are, however, I'd wonder if you;re taking a magnesium supplement? this often helps in the bathroom department as magnesium acts as a muscle relaxant, and much of the Western World is magnesium deficient so it wouldn't do any harm. Natural Calm original is compliant, or you could go for a straight up Magnesium Citrate supplement, Epsom Salt baths, or use a transdermal spray, the latter being most effective according to the latest research.

Other than that, are you drinking the recommended half an ounce of water per pound of body weight daily? And getting enough fibre & variety of veg? Is eating so much animal protein new to you?

If you'd like to list out what you have eaten over the past 3-4 days we can take a look to see if any obvious cause jumps out at us...

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