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Messed Up Reintroduction....

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Hi there!

I did a January Whole30 and it was a great success. I definitely had tiger blood, bloating went away, skin looks amazing, slept better, etc. I also felt like I had no cravings for sweets for the most part and I no longer suffered from anxiety/anxiety attacks (which is something I struggle with). This isn’t my first rodeo with Whole30, this was my second full Whole30 and I also done quite a few resets.


long story short, I had a couple of bad days when my whole 30 was over. Although I ate significantly less than I would have before, I ate several different food Groups all at once, and I am now having multiple symtoms. At this point, I don’t know which food group is the culprit! I had milk chocolate, red wine, a tiny bit of legumes, a tiny bit of rice, gold fish crackers, popcorn. Ugh. I know! I’m mad at myself.


anyway, that was 3 days ago. Since then I have been eating Whole30 strictly! Over the past few days, I have had a little bloating (which could be related to my menstral cycle), pretty bad anxiety, extreme fatigue (at 2pm I feel like I need a nap and can barely keep my eyes open)...and also really bad nausea!! Food is grossing me out and I barely have an appetite. Throughout the day, I get waves of feeling like I might vomit.

A couple questions for you all. 1.) what could the foods be? 2.) should I do a Whole30 again starting tomorrow for February and be strict and then do a proper reintroduction March 1st? I am feeling strong and motivated to complete a second whole30, so if that is what’s necessary, I will do it! I would love and appreciate any advice.


thanks so much!! 




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Yep, there's no way that we here in internet-land can tell you specifically which of the items you ate triggered which side effects. That's the personal experiment that you have to do.

You can either go back to Whole30 for 30 days and then do a proper, systematic reintroduction (recommended) or you can Whole30 until you feel better and then reintroduce. Depending on how significant the side effects you have are and how much it bothered your guts (we can't know that), your reintroductions may or may not be skewed.

Edited to add: I think you might just be getting sick. 3 days later and feeling vomitty in waves isn't in keeping with having off-plan foods and especially not three days later. I'd be surprised if you didn't have the flu.

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