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Caro's Whole 30 Log


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Day 1, I just decided to do this suddenly, but have been inspired by my sister the last couple months. Felt like I was making a brilliant decision to do this. No second thoughts..also had given up sugar two days previously. I drank milk in my tea in the morning..so I'm pretending that didn't happen and counting am of day 31 my whole 30 , 30th day..yup..doesn't really make sense.

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Day 2

Thought about my relationship to sugar a lot. I weighed myself, oops! Felt bloated on and off most of day. Started really enjoying the food I was making. started on the weekend so spent a shit ton of $ on food and stuff like tahini...I'm going to be eating a lot more meat than I usually do. Did tons of food prep.

I'm doing this log on day 5 so I really can't remember the meals, just got my notes on how I felt.

Learned how to make Tahini Lemon dressing. May be in love.

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Day 3,

Felt incredible first thing in the am, felt like I slept so well. By lunch I was crashing hard, feeling light headed and starting to realize this isn't going to be THAT easy!

Did measurements. 31 waist, 36 boobs, hips 40/41, thighs 23. I hid the scale. I HID THE SCALE!! I don't do that.. woohooo. Felt a bit bloated by mid morning too, and slightly nauseated at the thought of all that protein. :( Just not feeling that hungry, but also feeling like I need SUGAR!! My Lara bar started staring at me at 12:11pm. Trying to wait till 2:30pm to eat it. Holy moley. Really want the book to arrive to give me support. Wishing people were commenting on instagram and giving me support...aghhh..time to go to whole30 forum!

I have definitely not had the energy to work out.

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Day 4 Sort of getting in a groove I guess. So tired, so cranky. Had to try hard not to be a jerk to my coworkers and my son!!

I couldn't face vegetables for breakfast on day 4. so i mashed bananas and then beat in egg to it and cooked slowly in a pan..added cinnamon and blueberries...kind of like i died and went to heaven. I'm convincing myself that it was a banana/egg scramble...but it tasted a lot like FRENCH TOAST!!! Hmm...not sure that's the point. What's funny is I haven't eaten french toast or even craved anything like pancakes in years!

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Day 5. Ate veg at breakfast like a good girl. Noticed that I am really sensitive to coffee now, it may be because I"m drinking more actual coffee now instead of half milk foam...mmmmm....I am really looking forward to having foam on my coffee again one day. I just cannot stomach coconut milk or almond milk in my coffee. Just doesn't taste right.

I've noticed that it's hard for me to eat so much food at a meal. I feel so full, and not in a good way after eating all those vegetables and all that protein. I don't really like eating 3 big meals. I'd much prefer to just have several small meals a day. But I'm going to be a good whole 30'er. I took some before pics in some very unflattering shorts and bra this morning, very funny. Hopefully I'll notice a difference when I take my new pics on Day 31!

I tried the Trader Joe's Chicken Sausages that are Whole30 compliant tonight..and yup, I still don't really like sausages, especially chicken sausages. I think I'm going to stick to chicken breast. I was even nauseated by salmon earlier this week. Not sure what the deal is, why everything is just making me feel mildly nauseated. TMI, but I've been much more healthily reguar since I started. : ) Sorry to anyone reading this.

I've decided that Lara bars are way too delicious and give me something similar to a sugar chocolate bar rush, and I don't even eat chocolate bars when I'm not doing whole 30 so to do a super sweet bar every day on Whole30 just seems totally WRONG. i will keep a Lara bar for a treat on day 7, if I even want it on day 7, which I may not.

I've been trying to avoid going to a Super Bowl party on Day 9, but I don't think I can avoid it. I mean I want to go but there will be a ton of food I can't have, which isn't really a problem, but I have a hard time not sharing what I'm doing ..whole 30..and I have a feeling my sister in law may disapprove for some reason and give me a lecture..which I'm not really up for. OF course the answer is not to talk about it, and then I won't have to deal with it. :) CLEVER ..hahahaha

I have still felt so lightheaded today and yesterday and soooo tired, like so tired that I can't do the things I'd normally do like take out the trash or buy milk (for my son).

Have to admit that EVERY little thing has set my teeth on edge today but had great morning coffee with an old friend and that was lovely. and I took care of a work deadline so all is holding together. I can't imagine feeling even tireder tomorrow than I was today. REally excited about feeling more energetic, hope it happens!

Breakfast: 2.5 eggs, roasted veg, avocado, blueberries,

Lunch: chicken breast, spring mix salad, cucumber, lemon tahini dressing, avocado

Dinner: chicken sausage..yuk, cauliflower rice, roasted veggies, cruciferous crunch from Trader Joe's, lemon tahini dressing..and Harrissa ..another new love that I've discovered.

Snacks: RX bar (these will never seem like a treat, they're almost as bad as that Goop El gave me before we climbed the cables at Half Dome..hahaha, but got me through that 3pm slump), banana

Roll on Day 6. Really excited to feel more energy soon, but honestly just too tired to even think about it, taking it minute by minute here. God my cat's cute at the bottom of the bed.

Peace and Love!


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Day 6: Felt a lot less cranky today, but oh so tired in the evening. I'm running out of pre prepped stuff so it was all a little bit of a challenge in the evening, plus the stuff I made was a huge disappointment for my son and his gfriend. I thought the meatballs (subbed turkey instead of chicken) from Whole 30 book were great. While I was prepping dinner, I had to have a banana. I was so tired. 

breakfast: had the banana scamble again, too delish

lunch: pre made salad mix from trader joe's and chicken sausage and avocado

dinner: those meatballs and a jacket potato and some roasted veg

snacks: almonds mid afternoon, RX bar, banana during dinner

I felt like a truck had hit me around 7pm. Could hardly move or talk, and yup I was really emotional. Fun for my husband. :0)

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Day 7. umm...not sure

Day 8. Saturday . Great day..moved around a lot, did yoga. glimpse of tiger blood

Day 9. Sunday, got not sleep last night and today was a huge struggle. I stayed on task, but felt awful and crazy and cravey all day, but there's no way I'm not seeing this through till the end.

Day10. Monday. An okay day but felt very tired and lethargic but very on task.

Day 11. Tuesday Ok, so I'm getting sick, that's why, i also got no sleep again last night...kid stuff...nothing to do withe Whole 30. But I ate veggies and protein at lunch and dinner...lots of it. At breakfast my throat hurt and I wanted comfort so i had eggs, banana, blueberry and almond butter. My whole 30 comfort foods.

Lunch. mishmash of leftovers...including my way too watery homemade cauliflower rice stir fry thing with those yucky tj's chicken sausages..never buying those again ever.

Dinner. Salmon and a big salad..that I really couldn't taste. Hoping this cold doesn't get much worse. :( EEk.

Realizing that with a cold, there will be mid meal snacks. Not sure if I'm every going to be there with the not eating between meals. Had bluberries and almond butter at 4pm , and cashews...at least 1/4 cup in the am. I eat at least a banana day too, not sure that's really okay.

Went shopping to Tj's even though I had zero energy and got lots of good protein and other stuff. VICTORY...was a little worried about food supply on Monday!


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Day 31! Whoop! More energy and leaner all around! I 'rewarded' myself with a latte today and it really wasn't that exciting. I'm going to keep going! 4 lbs down. I've fallen in love with great food and fruit tastes like heaven to me now. I don't really miss dairy THAT much and carbs not really at all (if I can have potatoes and other carb heavy things like squash). I am back in. I really want to keep living up to my full energy potential and feel at one with my body/food/soul! I LOVE WHOLE 30! This was definitely a lifestyle changer for me...just amazing. I've also fallen back in love with cooking too. WOW, wow, wow!  

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