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Sara's Whole 30 Jan29 - Feb 28


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I'm late starting this journal - already on Day 4, and honestly, I feel fine. I'm already aware of the difference in my signals in terms of "hungry" vs. "not satisfied," And I'm definitely not satisfied, which feels a little hungry maybe. But I can deal with it. I didn't feel a "hangover" on D2/3, and I'm not super grumpy today. At least not that anyone's told me :) 

So here's my catchup on meals: 

D1/B: Breakfast casserole (eggs, W30 bacon, roasted brussel sprouts, onion, coconut milk. It was good D1, D2, not so much. 

D1/L: Salad (grilled chicken, strawberries, a whole avocado (!) homemade balsamic dressing

D1/D: Chicken/broccoli/riced cauliflower casserole. Yummy, but the cauliflower turned to mush. Need to figure this one out. 

No snacking today. WIN! 


D2/B: Leftover breakfast casserole from D1. Plan was to eat this four days. I'm throwing the rest away when I get home, it got really chewy & rubbery. Not good

D2/L: Same salad as D1

D3/D: Same casserole as D1. Still yummy. Also had cantaloupe and pineapple mid-afternoon.

D2/S: Went to a concert tonight and needed something to keep me up late on my feet. Had a blueberry Rx bar. Tastes like laffy taffy. 


D3/B: Ate at home this morning for the first time in forever. 2 scrambled eggs, a heap of salsa and a half avocado. Catie loved eating breakfast with me. 

D3/L: The last of the dinner casserole from D1. Still yummy, a little mushy this time. Small portion, so I also went to the salad bar and got mixed greens, cherry tomatoes and golden beets. Put the last of my homemade balsamic on it. 

D3/D: Beef & broccoli stir fry out of the W30 recipe book. Really yummy! (Even though I ran out of sesame oil and had to use coconut oil instead...)

D3/S: Mixed Berry Rx bar. Got hungry in the afternoon. Aim is to cut out afternoon snacking completely at some point. 


D4/B: I roasted two sweet potatoes last night, this morning had one mixed with a TBSP of almond butter and coconut milk. Added 1/2 banana, blueberries and a handful of walnuts. Was VERY sweet - will cut back on the almond butter next time, it was too much like pudding. Didn't eat the whole thing. 

D4/L: Posting as I'm eating this, leftover beef & broccoli stir fry over cabbage. Surprised at how much I like it over cabbage instead of rice or noodles. 


Good news is, I'm still excited about this. More to come!! :) 

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Finishing out D4 log... 

D4/D: Walnut crusted pork tenderloin (from the W30 book) - just ok, I don't really get why you coat it in walnuts and will probably go back to my standard rub since it's already W30 compliant. Had it with roasted parnsips, brussel sprouts and potatoes. 

D4/S: No snack! Win! 

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Playing catch up again! Here are days 5-7... 


D5/B: Repeat day 4 - sweet potatoes with almond butter. No banana today. 

D5/L: Repeate day 4 - leftover beef/broccoli stir fry. Still really yummy. Am going to repeat the "make a big stir fry and then eat it for lunch for a couple of days" thing next week. 

D5/D: Dinner at mom's house tonight, so I prepped by bringing my own salad mix, dressing and a chicken breast. I stole an avocado from her and added some of her fruit. (They all ate salmon, asparagus and fruit salad.) Felt good about prepping and bringing my own stuff over. 

D5/S: None! 


Now onto the weekend. I worried a little about this weekend - went to a birthday bbq and then it was superbowl Sunday. But the key is prep prep prep! Grateful to have a tribe that are super supportive (even if they do tease.) 

D6/B: Scrambled eggs, spinach & sausage 

D6/L: Leti made carnitas (they were made with canola oil, but I read a little is ok) and I ate carnitas with salsa & guac. Also helped myself to her roasted squash. Yum. Everyone else ate birthday cake, I ate pineapple :) 

D6/D: Leftover walnut crusted pork tenderloin from D4, Roasted brussels and sweet potatoes. 

I took a LONG nap this afternoon - Catie had a really late nap (4-6) when we got home from the party, and I was tired and lay down and the next thing I new it was 90 minutes later. Not sure if that's symptomatic of D6 (supposedly it is?) or if I'm just toddler tired, LOL. The nap was nice. 



D7/B: Scrambled eggs, salsa & avocado

D7/L: Leftover salad kit from Friday night dinner at mom's - added the remaining pork tenderloin and sprinkled on a handful of walnuts 

D7D+S: (Combo due to superbowl party) - I made W30 compliant baked wings. SO GOOD. W30 compliant ranch (others complained it was a little coconutty.) Had a big veggie tray prepared with celery, carrots, cherry tomatoes, jicama and roasted cashews. And then I had a burger, wrapped in iceburg lettuce with a big slice of tomato, some guac and a little ranch. The crunchy lettuce made it really good - I'm going to look into more lettuce wrap type dinner things. 

Also, I ate too much during the party. Even though all W30 compliant stuff, I went to bed feeling too full. It was sort of bound to happen on a superbowl party day, but I can do a better job of being more careful on days like this. 


All in all, hooray for the end of week one! Still not feeling the book's "symptoms" so much - I don't feel like I went through a hangover or the KATT phases. Was tired this weekend, but that's pretty normal for the mom of a 2-year old and a hectic weekend schedule. Maybe by the time I hit Tiger Blood I'll notice the new energy? Waiting for it! 

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