Parents with Type 2 Diabetes


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Hey there

Great to see that your parents are willing to give Whole30 a go. Type 2 diabetes is completely reversible with the consistent lifestyle changes and Whole30 may well be the first step towards that for them. Be sure they are following the rules AND the recommendations for the best results - ie. eating three template meals a day, the first within an hour of wakening, avoiding snacks, and keeping fruit consumption to a minimum.

It is recommended that those with diabetes keep their consumption of starchy veg to every other day, and on the days that it is included it would be better kept until at least meal two, but preferably meal three. The same would apply to fruit, which they shouldn't eat on it's own, but rather incorporate into their meals, or eat at the end of a meal.

Basically the template is key - with breakfast setting the tone for the day - 1-2 palm sized pieces of protein, fill the plate with veg, and add a generous serving of fat. Protein & fat will be key in keeping their blood sugar stable so if they are finding in the early days that they DO need snacks then these would be best kept to protein & fat, or even just fat on it's own.

Bear in mind that they didn't develop T2D overnight, and so 30 days will only be the start of their journey to reverse it - baby steps are better than no steps at all though!

Hope this helps!

ETA: As with all medical conditions your parents should first consult with their primary care provider about the changes in their diet which may effect their requirement for, or dosage of, medication.

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Unfortunately there is no alternative to bread - the rules clearly state no re-creating baked goods even with complaint ingredients. I'd suggest he focus on all the foods he CAN have, rather than those that he can't. Once he sees how much better he can feel perhaps he'll be happy to leave the bread behind. In the meantime he could use lettuce/steamed cabbage for wraps, scoop ut cucumber & fill with tuna/mayo etc, toast slices of sweet potato and top with bacon & avocado, or use large mushrooms as 'buns' for burger patties.

Fat options are a plenty: avocado/guac, olives, nuts/seeds & their by-products (in moderation), coconut oil/milk/cream/butter, ghee/clarified butter drizzled on veg, fatty cuts of meat such as brisket, chicken wings/thighs with the skins on, oily fish such as salmon &  mackerel, duck/goose fat, bacon, tallow/lard... remember that cooking oil tends to stay in the pan, and when cooking in bulk the fat is divided up between portions so it's always good to add a little more.


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It will probably help for him to start off thinking in terms of meals one, two & three - that way at least he can consider anything he'd eat for meal three to be also acceptable for meal one. As you say - it's all about what he's used to, and helping him find ways to move beyond that & develop new habits...

Send him the luck of the Irish! ;):P

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