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Started January 25th after an anaphylactic reaction

Midge Marie

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Wednesday, January 24th I had an anaphylactic reaction to something I ate.  Everything I ate that evening I had eaten before and until I get tested (at the end of March) not sure what triggered the reaction.  I had looked into the challenge and have a few Facebook contacts who have completed and continued the challenge.  So, I started the food portion of the program on Thursday, January 25th, but I am going through the book and reading as much as possible.  I have chemical and medicine allergies, so it is quite possible that it was a preservative in something I ate.   When I was raising my children, I kept fresh food in the house and had very few packaged or pre-made items.  I have gotten lax about my own diet and have always enjoyed cooking meals with fresh ingredients.  I'm looking forward to this lifestyle change!

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