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2 first timers starting Jan. 2


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Diving in on Wednesday and I'm bringing my mac-n-cheese-loving boyfriend along for the ride!

I'm going into this knowing it will probably be easier for me than the BF. I eat W30 about 80 percent of the time. The rest: wine, protein bars, dark chocolate, peanut butter, the heel of a piece of bread. He eats a cheese-heavy sandwich every day for lunch and can't imagine his favorite green curry without rice. Dinner is usually protein + veggie (+rice/potato for him), so the challenge will be making sure he feels satisfied without the extra carb.

He's very open to doing it and it was totally his choice. I'm more excited to see his results, see if his belly gurglings and back pain goes away, see if he gets more out of his sleep.

My goals are to spend the month truly enjoying my food and how it nourishes my body. I have insulin resistant PCOS and have been steadily gaining weight for 3 years. I'd like to see if all the little bites and nibbles (the 20 percent) are holding me back there.

We're both in our late 20s but sit at desks for most of the day, so we're adding a small walking challenge to the plan.

We've already thrown out most of the noncompliant junk, save for one final dish of mac and cheese to be savored tomorrow while recovering from tonight's festivities. Tomorrow we'll cook a ton of stuff tomorrow that can be eaten in the next week or frozen for future meals. And we made a list of protein+veggie+fat combos to hang on the fridge so if one of us is eating alone, we can throw a solid meal together in minutes.

Bring it, Whole30!

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