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Starting Monday Febuary 5th!


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Hello I'm Christine. I'm a mom of two beautiful girls ages 3 and 5.  My husband has been very supportive on whatever I have wanted to do including quiting my job and going back to graduate school to be a physician assistant.  I have had low energy since my high school years and this year has been the worst.  Between going to school, studying and spending time with my family my eating habits have been HORRIBLE. I'm a binge and stress eater. I'm out of shape and 25 lbs heavier than is healthy for me.  I'm ready to get control of my life again.  Food has control now but this is the end of that part of my life.  I'm ready to feel better and be a good example to my girls.  I'm going to start with my journey and then move my family to a whole foods based diet.  Wish me luck!!!

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